Proddys: Best Ecommerce Product

There is zero debate about Amazon’s status as a juggernaut in the tech industry. Since starting as an online library, Amazon has morphed into an e-commerce giant that ships over million-and-a-half packages per day. Yet Amazon’s reach extends beyond just e-commerce: artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and even food delivery are part of what Amazon has to offer its enormous base of customers.

With a workforce of nearly 250,000 full-time employees, Amazon is able to fulfill customer needs at an astonishing pace. This speed of delivery of goods and services is one of the reasons Amazon products and e-commerce platform provide so much delight to its users. Coupled with this massive amount of human resources are the tremendous strides Amazon has taken to incorporate innovative technology into their platform. All of this combines for an e-commerce experience that is simple, fast, and extremely reliable.

It’s difficult to determine just how far Amazon’s reach will extend in the upcoming future, but for now, we tip our hat to Mr. Bazos for his creation. Whether it is getting a last minute gift, or having groceries delivered to the doorstep, Amazon steals the show when it comes to e-commerce products.


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