Proddys: Best Mobile App

Airbnb has had no shortage of accolades since its launch in 2008. Having been dubbed one of the best “lean” platforms in the world, Airbnb has been changing the way people travel and find living accommodations for the last ten years. Furthermore, this hospitality service also allows people to create a flow of income by providing their living spaces to traveling guests. This holistic peer-to-peer property rental service is making changes that will affect the future of tourism and travel for years to come.

Airbnb reaches a vast network of travelers and hospitality entrepreneurs across the worldOver 191 countries have used Airbnb’s technology-driven platform to economically and “financially empower” those trying to use their living spaces that may otherwise be an underutilized burden.

Yet living accommodations and housing are not the only aspects of what Airbnb has to offer. With Airbnb experiences, users are able to not only select where they will be staying but how they will be enjoying their time as well. along with that, these offers are far from the typical free city tour (which, I may add, are also incredible). Interacting with wolves and learning the ways of the samurai are just mere examples of how one can pass their time through Airbnb experiences. Anyone booking through hotels will be hard-pressed to find similar offers, so it would be valuable to heed this information.

Airbnb is a genuine one of a kind company that utilizes crowd sharing practices.  As they note on their website, “Airbnb’s people-to-people platform benefits all of its stakeholders,  including hosts, guests, employees, and the communities in which it operates.” So whether you are looking to rent out your room to a weary traveler, or find your own accommodations while visiting Japan, the best way to get all you need in one place is to head over to Airbnb’s app, and then get ready for an incredibly easy start to your next adventure.

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