Proddys: Best Mobile Game

When Pokémon Go was at its peak, and literally everyone and their mother was on the hunt to “catch ’em all”, the world seemed like a happier and more peaceful place. Perhaps that is just blissful hindsight, but the truth of the matter is that the incredible ingenuity of the game’s augmented reality created an experience that was nothing short of masterful. It’s clear that the work put into making this app paid off with over 800 million downloads and nearly 5 million daily active users.

Pokémon Go wasn’t just a popular game in a few places either. Countries all over the world were swept into the craze of searching for the pocket monsters. While this has amounted to over $2 billion dollars in revenue, it has also had other exceptionally positive impacts on its consumers. People who play Pokémon Go on average take 26% more steps per day than they would have before they began to hunt for the mythical creatures. People were out searching so much that the creators of this game even had to issue warnings and safety instructions to prevent people from taking their quests too far (it goes without saying that people should NOT be playing this game while operating heavy machinery).

Beyond the scope the game itself, Pokémon Go was able to create around 500 million visits to sponsors’ websites. There are now 35,000 plus sponsored locations for this game, which goes to show that this game was so powerful, that even other companies were profiting from its success.

Even though gaming apps might not be for everyone, Pokémon Go came pretty close to being an experience that everyone can enjoy. So whether it is the 144 billion steps that Pokémon Go players have accumulated or the record-shattering number of downloads that they have amassed, this mobile app is quite clearly a revolutionary product.

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