Proddys: Best Music Streaming

Maybe its the millions of songs that are easily accessible at the tap of a finger, or maybe its the fact that musicians and artists are flocking to put their work on the freemium site, or maybe that its just simply that this Swedish based music platform is enhancing users’ listening experience around the world. It has become so ubiquitous with the music industry that nearly 36% of music streaming was used through Spotify, clearly demonstrating their might amongst their competition.

There are nearly 159 million active monthly users on Spotify’s free version of the platform and over 70 million who have purchased the premium service. For those who opt for the premium service, the perks are 100% worth the extra bucks: no advertisements, ability to save tracks for offline use, and other excellent features. These perks of both the free version and premium version amounted to Spotify being ranked as the second most downloaded app in Google Play Store in November of 2018. Overall, the experience that Spotify offers is generating billions of dollars in revenue, and there are no signs of  Spotify slowing down anytime soon.

With offices in over 20 different countries, the opportunities for Spotify are seemingly limitless. There is visible growth and expansion within the company, and with growth and expansion comes the opportunity to become a part of the success. While jobs are always moving fast – especially at a high-profile company – the possibility to join the team is still there. For those looking for the inside scoop on how to get a “musical foot in the door”, read our blog titled, “How To Get A Product Management Job At Spotify“. Although there is no ironclad guarantee with anything in life, this article provides insight that may be the key to finding a dream job. So throw those headphones on, head over to the blog linked above, and get brainstorming while you listen to some soothing tunes.



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