Proddys: Best New Product

Haven’t heard of Brex yet? Well, its just a matter of time before it becomes a household name for startups and midsize businesses alike. The team at Brex were able to engineer a very simple solution to provide startups with corporate cards. What does this corporate card entail? Instant online application, no personal liability, and tailored rewards to match a company’s needs. In addition, Brex offers limits that are 10-20 times higher than that of competitors.

Brex knows that startups don’t stay startups forever, so they provide data and management tools to help “control the spending of scaling enterprises”. The security needed for the growth of a startup is essentially built into this tool and platform.

Combined with this security, Brex’s platform and products allow for easy and smart integration. Startups are reported to have reduced time with accounting by 50%. Clean transaction data is automatically inserted into the accounting software, which in turn ends month-end reconciliation.

Speaking of clean transactions and simplifying annoying little tasks, receipts become a problem of the past with the technology that Brex uses. Rather than holding onto thousands of pesky paper wads that will eventually need to be sorted through, with the Brex app, one can simply snap a photo and send it to the automated texts that Brex provides. Boom. Done. Easy as that! Emailed receipts? Even easier – just forward the receipt to the platform. The Brex technology automatically catalogs everything swiftly and correctly, effectively eliminating hassle and headaches.

Overall, Brexit has created a great product that has solved an issue for an important necessity. As we have previously written in our post titled, “The Ingredients Found In Every Successful Product” Brex checks the boxes of what a product needs to do to become a success. Thus for those who are diving into a new startup, the answer is simple when it comes to which corporate card should be used.

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