Proddys: The Best Online Dating App

Bumble is not the typical dating app for many reasons. First off, with Bumble, women take the first steps towards initiating a conversation. The way they describe this is that they are “reforming the rules of the game to change the dynamics when it comes to flirting”. A noble and awesome feature if you ask us! But Bumble is so much more than just a dating app. Now, Bumble offers two additional services: Bumble for Bizz and Bumble BFF. Incredibly, there is now the chance to find the perfect networking opportunity or even a lifelong best friend.

Now that Bumble has tackled an antiquated method of dating and meeting, they can move forward with improving secure and fun meetups. Regarding security, Bumble has crushed the problem of fake profiles with face and individual verification (sorry to the catfish out there, you’ll have to scheme somewhere else). Now that safety is at the forefront of the business model, users can feel protected when meeting someone for the first time (essential for this day and age).

Another delightful addition is the dating tips that are offered on the Bumble blog. Gone are the days of spending hours trying to create the perfect first text because now Bumble has got your back!

Bumble also is a perfect example of a company getting to know its audience. As we have previously mentioned in our blog on “How to Talk to Customers and Users“, understanding the needs of current and future clients is essential for creating a successful product. Bumble identified a need, isolated an audience, and moved forward with a tremendous amount of success. So, for those who are looking to connect with new friends, occasions to network, or find the one true love of your life (you never know), then Bumble is a safe bet on where to find it.

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