Proddys: Best Real Estate Product

The real estate market has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the last several decades. Many businesses have folded under extreme competition and lackluster markets, while others have managed to flourish. Zillow falls into the latter category. By empowering customers with data and insights, Zillow has become a go-to business for renting, buying homes, and finding information regarding mortgages. In addition, Zillow is able to connect potential buyers to local professionals, thus ensuring a more fluid and comfortable experience.

Zillow is able to be an effective business for several reasons. For starters, Zillow’s database is jam-packed with over 110 million homes. This includes homes for sale, homes available for rent, and even homes that are not currently on the market. What this amounts to is a mountain of possibilities for individuals who are seeking new living situations, or for people looking to sell or rent their current home.

A giant database, however, is just part of what makes this company successful. With more than 24 apps on a multitude of platforms, Zillow is able to spread their message with extreme effectiveness. They are masters at marketing what they offer, and their status as an industry leader continues to be solidified as they continue to push proven practices.

As the brand continues to grow, new features are also being added. One of these features – which will make life considerably easier for renters and landlords – is the ability to manage and pay rent through the online platform. Building upon the ease of renting and buying is the addition of services to check credit history and eviction records. All in all, Zillow is creating a platform that covers the gamut of housing and living needs. It’s exactly for this reason that they were able to take the first prize in the latest Proddy awards.


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