Proddys: Best Transportation Product

It’s no secret that Uber is a dominant force in the ride-sharing industry. From the start of 2018 to now, Uber expected to have nearly 100 million users across the globe. This type of data clearly demonstrates the sheer scale that Uber manages to create and maintain. Furthermore, there is fierce competition that Uber faces from both antiquated and emerging industries, but Uber remains on top as a vigilant leader.

Adding to its already impressive resume, Uber maintains nearly 69% of the market share in the United States. This is in large part due to its exceptionally easy to use products, as well as high-level of reliability. Much of this product success lays in the hands of their top of the line employees. So for those looking for an inside scoop on how to join this all-star team, a quick read of our post “Uber PM Talks: How To Crack the PM Interview” could be the golden ticket to a future career.

While Uber continues its expansion in the world of transportation, they also continue to release new products. Now with Uber Eats, customers can have their meals delivered to their front door without having to move from the sofa. Simply put, convenience is the bread and butter of Uber products.

Despite their success, the road to stardom is never an easy one to traverse. Like many successful companies, Uber deals with its fair share of criticism. Even with a smattering of negative press, Uber manages to correct its faults, and maintain a positive position with its users. As with any business, this is critical for building upon noteworthy services.

For those outside of Uber’s 100 million active users, it may be time to join the party. As Uber continues to grow, so too will their arsenal of incredible services and products.

Curious about working at Uber? Head over to our blog post, “How to Crack the PM Interview“, and learn from some of the best.

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