Proddys: Best Travel Product

While also sporting possibly the most adorable company name, Hipmunk provides a top of the line service for travelers. Initially co-founded by Reddit’s Steve Huffman in 2010, Hipmunk allows adventurers to plan and organize upcoming trips with ease. In fact, this product is so comprehensive and useful that corporate giant Concur acquired the platform with the cute little squirrel mascot. Not so bad for a company that came to fruition on a vacation in Costa Rica!

So how has Hipmunk been able to create such a stellar product? With the AI-powered bots, a phenomenal website, and a very user-friendly app, Hipmunk products offer the best way to compare offers and prices with competing websites. These searches include the best prices on hotels, flights, trains, and even offers from Airbnb. Adding to this is the display that helps users compare prices efficiently and without feeling overwhelmed by information.

Similar to nearly all successful startups in today’s market, Hipmunk is a data-driven business. This assures users that the information they see is reliable and unbiased. As they mention on their website, this type of data helps to prevent “travel planning from driving you nuts. A company that’s helpful and clever? What’s not to love!

Although there is a wide variety of travel-booking agencies, almost none measure up to Hipmunk. This, however, is not just one opinion. This flourishing brand has accolades from some of the most respected voices in the industry. Even Forbes has dubbed Hipmunk as the best travel website in the game, which is certainly no small matter.

It’s safe to assume that the creators and PMs at Hipmunk were able to navigate the “7 Phases of Product Development” with ease because they have a winning product. So for those planning an excursion in the near future, head over to Hipmunk to start your travels off right.

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