Proddys: Best UX Product

Simplicity is often the key to whether a product succeeds or fails. Many companies see their brands crumble because of a lack of clarity within their product. For HotelTonight, this is far from the case.  With a simple three-step process, HotelTonight provides a hassle-free booking service that trumps the competition. Whether someone is looking for an immediate offer or a future booking, HotelTonight manages a user experience that has received over 100 thousand five-star reviews. This is no small feat for a business in an industry that is often notoriously frustrating.

HotelTonight offers there services through their two main platforms: website and their mobile app. This is exceptionally useful for those who are in a bind looking for a last minute offer, and for those looking to plan in advance. Because of this range of usability, both platforms continue to receive glowing reviews from the press. CNBC went as far as to say, “HotelTonight is one of the best ways to save on hotels”.

Additionally, the ease of this product is available for customers in nearly all parts of the globe. With the combination of availability and clarity, HotelTonight has managed to make a useful product that is genuinely enjoyable.

Another exceptionally delightful feature of HotelTonight is their partnerships with top-rated hotels. This means that user satisfaction will extend from using the app, all the way to the final purchase. Thus, we can safely say that gone are the days of irritating and confusing booking apps and websites. HotelTonight is here to stay with a beautiful and simple to use product.

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