Proddys: Best VR & AR Product

Most people are aware that virtual reality is no longer a thing of the past. Now common knowledge, VR and AR are taking huge strides in a multitude of industries. One brand that is assisting with this expansion is Oculus. Hailing from Silicon Valley, Oculus is blowing the minds of users with their groundbreaking products. From gaming to videos, Oculus takes the user experience to an entirely new level. Rather than simply participating, gamers and viewers experience near-complete immersion into their entertainment. To put it in simple terms, this radical new form of video and game interaction is the future.

While this revolutionary technology isn’t exactly cheap, the products don’t break the bank either. Oculus Go starts at a modest $219 USD, which all things considered, is very reasonable. For gamers, the Oculus Rift has the initial price of $399 USD. Again, while somewhat pricey, customers continue to buy the ultimate gaming experience (not an exaggeration).

A quick look at the statistics paints a clear picture of success. By 2020, Oculus Rift projections estimate a revenue stream of over 20 billion dollars. Sony alone is responsible for moving over 3 million units in the last year alone, while other vendors continue to add to these staggering sales numbers.

For those looking to enhance their visual, the choice really is a simple one (for now). The other players in the VR industries are continuing to build upon the steady stream of improvements, but still have not quite caught up with the status of Oculus. Eventually, whether its Oculus or another company, there will be a day that humans create artificial Super Intelligence, which will fundamentally be life changing.


Whether these technological advancements will be a good thing for humans is still up for discussion. Until that day comes, however, the world must settle for the already groundbreaking technology.

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