Proddys: Best Website Product

Thinking of starting a blog or opening up an e-commerce store? While there are a large number of options to choose from, WordPress remains the go-to platform. For developers around the world, WordPress is the backbone of the business. In fact, nearly a third of the world’s top websites function using WordPress services. How are they able to maintain such success? First and foremost, WordPress dedicates themselves to keeping their product up to date and modern. While other brands often fall behind, WordPress stays at the forefront of website innovation.

 Wordpress is a free and open-source management system that focuses on accessibility to the masses. Several of the more notable features that they offer are the plugin architecture and the available template system. This is excellent for those who are unfamiliar with developing a website.

While there is a free option, they also offer more extensive packages. The three packages (Personal, Premium, and Business) each have their own advantages. For example, the premium package most suitably fits the needs of entrepreneurs and freelancers, while the Business package is (obviously) best for small businesses. In summation, WordPress has an offer that suits everybody’s needs.

Perhaps the most daunting obstacle for continued WordPress success is the vast amount of competition. Regardless, this does not stop customers from raving about what their positive experiences using the platform. Along with these personal reviews, WordPress support some of the biggest companies in the world. TechCrunch, The New Yorker, and Bloomberg Professional are just a few of the major brands that rest their faith on the WordPress platform.

In the coming years, expect to see more developments from this brand. No one can be absolutely sure on how far they will be able to extend their reach, but it is almost a guarantee that they still have a way to go before they plateau.

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