Proddys: Best AI Powered Product

Proddy first prize badge for AI powered Product

With AI making tsunami size waves in the world of technology and product innovation, companies are going full steam ahead with developing new AI-powered products. Even though there was stiff competition jockeying for first prize in this category, one company walked away as winners: Grammarly!


The San Francisco based company founded by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn uses AI-powered technology to check grammar errors, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and stylistic mistakes, all in the effort to help make communicating easy and effective. Hundreds of accredited universities and millions of students and professionals trust Grammarly to provide solutions for their writing needs and academic goals.

Young woman writing on a laptop

Grammarly offers a free online text editor, as well as a free browser extension that is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. With the browser extension, the Grammarly algorithm provides grammar and writing solutions on nearly all online platforms (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), ensuring the highest quality of communication. Furthermore, this allows individuals to edit their work in real-time, alleviating the necessity to switch platforms in order to ensure quality writing.

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Those who purchase the premium upgrade get access to over 400 types of grammar checks and features, along with plagiarism detection, citation suggestions, and vocabulary suggestions. It is safe to say that whether one opts for the free option, or decides to invest in the premium version, they will be receiving a best in class product.

One of the more important aspects of Grammarly is that it provides peace of mind to its userbase. In our blog “Small Investments Pay Off“, Mohammad Musa – a lead Product Manager at Google – highlights the importance of small daily tasks that help aspiring Product Managers attain their goal. One of these tasks is managing a blog or writing on a consistent basis. Now, with Grammarly, this small investment becomes even easier, thus helping individuals achieve their goals.

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