#ProductCon London 2020 Summary: Presentations + Videos

Did you miss any talks during #ProductCon London? Perhaps you got dragged away from the livestream and missed an important moment, or couldn’t take down notes fast enough! Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. All 8 #ProductCon London videos and presentations in one place.

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1. Trend Forecasting — Connecting the Dots Around Us

by Megan Murphy, Head of Product Management at N26

2. Know Thy Competition

by Krishna Panicker, Fmr Product Lead at Skype

3. A 6 Step Guide for Creating Balanced Product Teams

by Therese Stowell, Director of Product at Pivotal

4. Product Analytics is Useless

by Ravi Parikh, Founder of Heap

5. Lessons of Successful Partnerships Between PM and PMM

by Caroline Hynes, Director of Product at Zendesk

6. Panel Discussion: Creating and Managing Best-In-Class Products

with Tim Beattie of Red Hat, Raymond King of Devbridge, and Orkun Özbatur of Amazon

7. Product Disruption in Companies

by Irene Gonzálvez, Product Lead at Spotify

8. Good Churn vs. Bad Churn

by Miles Norris, VP of Product at MagicLabs

9. Fireside Chat

with Andrey Khusid, Founder and CEO of Miro

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