#ProductCon Los Angeles Summary: Presentations + Videos

Did you miss any talks during #ProductCon Los Angeles? Did you pop out for a coffee break or get interrupted by an inquisitive colleague? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. All 9 #ProductCon Los Angeles presentations and videos in one place.

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1. Overcoming Cognitive Biases (PMs Are People Too!)

by Ken Sandy, VP of Product at Masterclass

2. Customer Development Strategies

by Lenworth Gordon, Senior Product Manager at Amazon

3. Powering the Next Generation of Products

by Nate Franklin, Principal PM at Amplitude

4. Design for Value: More Discovery, Less Delivery

by Demian Borba, Senior Product Manager at Adobe

5. Building Product at a Media Company

by Rachel Bailin, Director of Product at Disney

6. Scaling Products to Millions of Customers

by Vanathy Lakshmi, Senior Director of Product at Walmart

7. Digital Business – Powering Prosperity

by Sandeep Dukhande and Navin Kapoor, Product team at Intuit

8. Did It Work? Measuring the Impact of Product Launches

by Mike Iampietro, Director of Product at Mixpanel

9. Create a Culture of Iconoclasts

by Todd S. Yellin, VP of Product at Netflix

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