#ProductCon Online May 2020 Summary: Presentations + Videos

Did you miss any talks during #ProductCon Online? Perhaps you got dragged away from the livestream and missed an important moment, or couldn’t take down notes fast enough! Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. All 9 #ProductCon Online videos and presentations in one place.

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1. Hacking Your Product Career

by Gibson Biddle, former VP of Product at Netflix

2. Building Enterprise Products at Scale

by Aarti Bharathan, Sr. Director of Product at PayPal

3. Voice Platforms and Product Management

by Ashok Bania, Senior Director of Product at CNN

4. Why Trust Matters: Competing with Growth

by Neil Shah, Head of Product at Lyft

5. What is a Product Insight?

by Matin Movassate, Founder/CEO of Heap

6. The Five Essential Values for Product-Driven Companies

by Ken Berger, First Product Manager at Slack

7. Product Innovation in the
Era of IoT, 5G, and AI

by Daniel Elizalde, Head of IoT at Ericsson

8. Creating a Winning Value Proposition for Your Product

by Dan Olsen, Product Management Coach and Author

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