#ProductCon Online July 2020 Summary + Videos

Attending a conference from home is great! You get to wear comfy clothes, sit back comfortably on your own couch, and eat whatever you want! But it’s not without its distractions. A kid running in, a dog barking, a delivery turning up. It’s easy to miss an insight. That’s why we’re bringing you all the videos from the latest #ProductCon Online right here, so you don’t have to miss a moment.

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1. Building for the Next Billion Users

by Minal Mehta, Head of Product at YouTube

2. Attributes of Successful Product Leaders

by Mahesh Thakur, VP of Product at GoDaddy

3. The Skills to Become a Director, VP, or CPO

by Nikhyl Singhal, VP of Product at Facebook

4. Product-Market Fit in a Nascent or Emerging Area

by Neha Monga, Head of Product at Amazon

5. HOSKR: A Better-Than-OKR Framework For Your Feature

by Rapha Cohen, CPO at Google Waze

6. Data That Sparks Joy

by Miléne Darnis, PM at Heap

7. Mobile Experiences and Growth in Today’s World

by Alexandra Whitaker, Global Product Lead at Google

8. Panel Discussion: Product-Led Growth vs. Product Marketing

with Mayank Yadav, Product Lead at Facebook, Anya Ruvinskaya, former Product Lead at Spotify, Dave Fowler, CEO of Chartio and Xabier Ormazabal, VP of Product Marketing at Algolia

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A PM’s Main Takeaways

TLDR? No problem! Our friends over at Chartio wrapped up the key insights and main takeaways from the day’s talks, and how they have real world applications to product teams.

“Most PMs use a lot of products and build their intuition as to what works for a user. While these instincts can be great for a rough draft of your next product or feature, instinct doesn’t give you the data you need to launch a successful product. Confidence is great, keep it, use it. But also be okay to say, “I don’t know this, so let’s test it.” Being able to shift from “I think” to “I know” is powerful.”

Check out Chartio’s full post to see all of the insights right here.

Chartio X Product School

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