10 Tools to Make a PM’s Life Easier

Being a Product Manager is not an easy task and trust me – they can use any help they can get! In order for PMs to stay organized, focused, and efficient in terms of task load and responsibilities, you need to familiarize yourself with tools that can make your life easier – tools that save you time, effort, while keeping you organized and communicative with team members and stakeholders involved.

Technology has dominated all industries, pushing for more advanced products which have resulted in the birth of many tools and platforms that can improve a PM’s workflow, collaboration, and overall efficiency.

These tools are designed to boost your productivity and organization while saving you money and time! It’s important to consider that these tools don’t have a narrow focus, and are not PM-specific. In fact, these tools help you to smooth out those little bumps you find in your day to day, and can actually do the same for your whole team!

We have a lot of things to discuss, so let’s dive right in!

1. Markup Hero

Hello Productivity! Markup Hero is a free screenshot and annotation tool made to increase productivity and improve communication. This is for Product Managers that need to quickly capture ideas and speed up their workflow!

Here are some of the features included:

  • Capture ideas through the screenshot tool
  • Communicate your ideas clearly through the annotation tool
  • Save time since you have access to all your markups and annotations with a simple click.
  • Stay organized. All markups have tags, history, and custom privacy settings.
Markup Hero free screenshot & annotation tool

2. Blush

Blush is an all-time favorite for many! This platform offers illustrations to everyone from artists around the world. The cool thing is that you can customize every piece of an illustration to create your own compositions! The company’s goal is to make art more accessible to all while championing illustrators and the importance of art in digital experiences.

Product Managers can use Blush to create user personas, presentations, promo materials, and more! Instead of spending time creating illustrations from scratch, PMs have access to illustrations and customization.

Their forever-free plan allows you to use high-quality PNG images for personal and commercial purposes worry-free. There is also a paid plan for those who need SVG, more control over the layers, print resolution, and other advanced functionality. How useful is that?

Blush free illustrations

3. Miro’s Remote Meetings

Put an end to bad and boring meetings with Miro’s collaborative whiteboard and remote facilitation tools! Miro’s online meetings offer the same energy, creativity, and momentum you’re used to in person. Considering the circumstances we are in today, this is a great and engaging solution to the lack of face-face meetings.

These remote meetings introduce an interactive way of conducting meetings. You are offered all the tools you need to run a fantastic meeting while transforming a sluggish audience into active, engaged participants and recreate the energy of collaborating at the whiteboard with incredible features.

These meetings can make Product Managers’ life so much easier by having an organized board with updates, tasks, and ideas for the team to interact with!

Miro collaborative whiteboard remote meetings

4. Press Hunt 

If you’re in need of promoting your business or product then this is the tool for you! This platform helps you find the right press contacts based on your sector by offering a curated list of journalists who can write about startups or products. 

Press Hunt saves you hundreds of hours by aggregating data on over 1m journalists, reporters, influencers, and podcasts in one place, complete with their coverage focuses and contact info, and allows you to put outreach on autopilot using advanced automation. 

This way you can get connected with the best journalists to feature your business or product in seconds. Their database has been used to run PR campaigns for companies like: Instacart, Universal, DataDog, Descript, and more!

As a PM, you want your Product to be successful and Press Hunt simplifies this process by giving you the PR you need. By doing this, you can get millions of impressions and increase traffic to your website. 

5. The Product Glossary

If you are a Product Manager then it’s very important that you speak the product language. Read our full glossary to learn the product keywords and phrases you must know before an interview or a 1:1. This effective glossary serves as a guide and should provide enough information for PMs to understand how and when the term should be used. 

This tool offers 100+ terms and the most comprehensive guide to the most used words and terminology in the Product sphere. Once you click on the word you’re looking for, you will get the definition, term in action, and more resources on it. Discover terms you didn’t know, and read up on any terms that have been confusing you.

Product tools and terminology

6. Silent Inbox for Gmail

Everyone needs an organized email inbox that is efficient and productive. Silent Inbox is a bouncer inside your Gmail, which gets rid of your unimportant emails and unread newsletters and it holds back emails that are not urgent and delivers them at the time you want.

The add-on automatically detects email newsletters and allows you to manually mute senders that distract you during work. Instead of going through unwanted and unimportant emails, this tool makes your life so much easier by doing it for you!

The Basic account allows you to schedule delivery for any time once a day. In addition to automatically detected email newsletters, you can add up to 10 other senders to the Muted List. However, with the Premium account, you can change the frequency from “once a day” to “twice a day” and your number of senders in the Muted List is unlimited!

Silent Inbox platform gets rid of your unimportant emails and unread newsletter

7. Conversion Crimes

Do you need to be saved from bad user experiences? Then Conversion Crimes is just for you! This platform is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to improve user experience and increase conversions on your site or app. The tool gets real people to show you what’s wrong and why – with accessible and affordable usability testing – so you can fix it!

This is why this platform can make your life easier vs. other tools:

  • You don’t need traffic, you can even test prototypes
  • Set up in minutes unlike a/b testing
  • Easy to learn the ropes even for website or app owners
  • Cheaper than hiring an agency or consultant
  • Get actionable insights in hours instead of months.
  • Increase conversions without guessing or drowning in a sea of numbers

This is critical for Product Managers that want to test out their Product and get fast and credible feedback from real users.

8. Pingr

This platform can identify when your site is down before your customers do! Pingr is a tool that monitors your site and certificate in real-time. If your site is ever down, Pingr will send you notifications via email, Slack, Telegram, or SMS.

How efficient is this? This platform offers value because instead of sitting down for hours without noticing your site is down, you have a tool that is monitoring 24/7 with automatic status updates.

Pingr is a tool that monitors your site and certificate in real time

9. YourStack by Product Hunt

YourStack is the place to share and discover your favorite products, now in a public beta. Stack your favorite apps, books, games, gadgets, camping gear, headphones, fashion brands, and more.

This community offers a comments section where you can see why people use their stack and a discoverability factor, so you can have a sense of why you need to use this product. This simplifies the search process for different products and offers an understanding of the market by giving you an inside look at why the users love the tools they use!

YourStack is the place to share and discover your favorite products, now in public beta.

10. Notion

Do you have too many tabs open with multiple platforms? This platform solves this issue by centralizing all of your workflows into an all-in-one workspace. Notion is a note and writing tool for your entire team, you can write, plan, and get organized. This platform solves problems unique to every function like Product Management, Engineering, HR, Marketing, Design, and Sales!

Do you want a task list? A product roadmap? A design repository? They are now all in one place. You can even customize your own workspace from dozens of LEGO-style building blocks. This platform cuts your time and effort by centralizing your team’s knowledge base and creating an enhanced collaboration system.

Notion centralizes all off your workflow into an all-in-one workspace.

If you are looking for more tools and software, make sure to stop by Productverse, our one-stop-shop for all things product tools!

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