3 Final Projects from Our Alumni that You Can’t Miss

👋 Hey! This is a friendly note from the Product School team. We’re switching things up in our curriculum, so current and future students in our PMC cohorts will work on a team project rather than an individual project. We felt that this was a more accurate portrayal of how Product Managers work collaboratively. You’ll get 3 scenarios to pick from, each reflecting a high-demand industry with growing demand for Product Managers.

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As part of the core curriculum at Product School, we have our students complete a final project that takes them through the journey of conceiving, building, and launching a product. This gives them the chance to have a realistic experience of what the life of a Product Manager is like.

Check out some of these projects below!

Don’t Snooze Yet — A Netflix Original

Sneha Sultania, Product School class of March 2019, recently became Head of Product at Stealth Startup where she is building an exciting FinTech product.

For her Final Project, she takes the time to understand Netflix and their user pain points, proposes a solution, measures the success, and provides a plan for future movement. Check out the sample below and if you want to read more, click here.

I am a die hard Netflix fan (oh, the innumerable times it has been with me in sickness and in health!), a product enthusiast and have a growing passion for the content and entertainment industry.

I recently completed a fantastic course in Product Management at Product School in San Francisco. So, as part of my final project, I decided to examine and propose a solution for an impending and growing problem of user fatigue experienced by users on one of the most beloved products of our times — Netflix.

Sneha Sultania

Snapchat Group Snaps – Why Hasn’t This Been Made Yet? Here’s How It Could Work

Ryan Cunningham graduated from Product School’s PM course back in February of 2016, allowing him some serious time to put his learning to work. Before breaking into the world of Product Management, Ryan was working with finance and analyzation. For the past 2 years, he has been on the product strategy team at Uber.

Check out a sample of Ryan’s project below, and a cool little fact, 9 months after he shared his project, Snapchat actually added group capabilities! You can read the full project by clicking here.

As a Product School alumnus, I’m beginning to get slightly addicted to scrutinizing popular products like Snapchat, examining their competitive advantages, user pain points, and so on. So I became set on trying to examine ways that Snapchat could be improved, and put my Product School toolkit to work in the field.

This post (originally published on my 
personal blog) walks through the product development cycle for Group Snaps, a proposed feature that allows users to create and manage groups of friends that they could snap to with a single click, eliminating the need to scroll through their entire friends list to find the right people they want to share their personal moments with.

Ryan Cunningham

Alexa Concierge – Your Personal Shopping Assistant

For our last featured Final Project, we looked at Shuai Feng‘s product. In March of 2017, Shuai graduated from Product School’s PM course and has been working as a Product Manager ever since. Currently, she is the Senior Product Manager at Baidu, Inc. in China.

For her Final Project, Shaui examined Amazon Alexa and focused on how it could be improved. Her key point was to create more customized Amazon Alexa skills that allow users to form a unique relationship with their device through personalization. We’ll let you get the full idea by checking out her presentation below.

These 3 projects are just a few of the amazing pieces of work our students have produced. We’ll be sharing more Final Projects from our students on our blog, so make sure you stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter!

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