The Best of the Product Management Blog 2021

Maybe you’ve already noticed, but we have a lot of blogs here! And we know how easy it can be to get lost in the sea of (top quality) information. As we wind down towards the end of the year, we looked back at some of the things we talked about in the community, and hand picked the blog articles you need to read before 2022 arrives.

So here’s what you missed on The Product Management Blog in 2021!

Learn How to Launch a Side Hustle

2021 was truly the year of the side hustle. With many people working from home and having more free time, many turned to side projects to maximize their potential. Check out our top Side Hustle blog posts to learn how to jump on board the entrepreneur train!

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  1. Side Hustle: The Secret to Getting a Job in Product Management

Getting a job in Product Management when you have no PM experience is tough! One of the best things you can do to demonstrate your skill set and learn real hands-on PM lessons, is to launch a side hustle. Whether it’s writing your own blog, launching your own app, or running an online Product community within your niche, you can create your personal PM playground. In this blog, we’ll show you how to get started and give you some kick-off ideas.

  1. Side Hustle: How to Crowdfund Your Product

Once you’ve decided on your side hustle, there’s a chance that you need a little cash injection to get it off the ground, or to take it to the next level. Crowdfunding has been a very popular way for people to fund their projects and connect with their users/audience/fans.

  1. How to Leverage Your Side Hustle to Build a Winning PM Resume

So you’ve gone and got yourself this awesome experience. But since it’s not a formal job, and there’s no Big Boss or HR to give you a proper job title, how do you display your side hustle on your resume? This blog gives you top tips on how to put your new experience front and center, and maximise the potential of your resume at landing you a Product Management job.

  1. Side Hustles: What to Know in 2021

2020 certainly shook up a lot of things. Some (office) doors closed for good, but new windows (of opportunity) opened. If you’re launching a side hustle post 2020/2021, this blog has everything you need to keep in mind to make it a success.

  1. Product Community Spotlight: Side Hustles

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of the superstars in our Product Management community who made something for themselves!

Learn To Be a Better Leader

Leadership is one of the trickiest skills to learn, because how well you lead a team affects not just your career, but everyone who reports to you. We’ve got the top tips for learning how to be a better Product Leader…

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  1. What Is Product Leadership?

Every Product Manager is a leader, so Product Leadership can mean a lot of different things. Get started by learning who Product Leaders are, the traits that separate the good ones from the all-stars, and see our advice on climbing the career ladder.

  1. Product Leadership Skills: Conflict Resolution

As a Product Leader, conflict is inevitably going to come your way. Sometimes you have to step in and solve a conflict between your direct reports, and sometimes you have to be the shield that catches the drama coming down on them from Csuite. Either way, conflict resolution is a valuable tool in a Product Leader’s toolbox, as you’ll learn in this blog.

  1. Product Leadership Skills: Influence Without Authority

This is one of the most talked about, and one of the most nuanced skills in Product Management. Influence without authority is the ability that all great PMs have to guide teams in the right direction, without having the formal authority to tell them exactly what to do. It’s a delicate soft skill that takes years of practice to hone…but a little bit of theory can give you a nudge in the right direction!

  1. Product Leadership Skills: Building a Strong Team

Once you have the power to hire, you have the responsibility to build an awesome team that’s going to help you bring your product to life. You’re only as great as the people you work with, so getting this right is crucial. In this blog we give you all the advice you need for building your product team.

  1. 10 TED Talks That Will Make You a Stronger Product Leader

Because who doesn’t love a good TED talk?! Great leaders come from all kinds of backgrounds, and these talks can help you to level up your PM leadership game.

Learn How to Choose The Right Tools

The tools we use are the backbone of the products we build. So we spent November talking about all things products for Product Managers.

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  1. Tech Mastery Part 1: Choosing Your Product Stack

Tool lovers will really sink their teeth into this blog! In it, we go into all things involved in choosing which products to go into your stack. We’ll touch on whether it’s better to build vs buy, to go for a stack vs a suite, and what to consider when looking at potential tools.

  1. Tech Mastery Part 2: Adopting Your Product Stack

A blog so bumper we had to split it in half! In the second part of Tech Mastery, you’ll learn how to properly adopt your new stack, and help your teams to hit the ground running with it.

  1. How No Code Tools Empower Product Teams

No Code tools were all the rage and seemed like the next big disruption in the tools world. Now that the dust has settled and they’ve been adopted into many of the tech world’s product stacks, how do they fit into Product Team’s lives? In this blog, we’ve taken a look at the future of No Code tools, and how they empower Product Teams.

  1. What Does It Mean To Be a Tool Agnostic Product Manager?

Maybe you’ve heard of the phrase ‘Tool Agnostic’, and maybe you haven’t. But if you’re thinking about really getting to grips with tools and products for Product Managers, it’s an important topic to get your teeth into.

Learn How to Be Data-Driven

Speaking of the backbone of all things Product Management…data should be the thing that powers pretty much every decision you make. Learn why it’s so important and how to get to grips with it…

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  1. FAQ: What Skills Should a Data-Driven Product Manager Have?

Unsurprisingly, data is a pretty popular topic in the PM community. We gathered together some of the most Frequently Asked Questions, from which metrics to use to whether you should learn SQL or Python, and gave you the answers!

  1. Why Data Analytics Matters for Product Managers

Are you still on the fence about how important Data is for Product Managers? There’s no need to be, especially after reading this guide. We dive into the kinds of data that Product people collect and how they use them.

  1. AB Testing for Product Managers by fmr Optimizely PM

AB Testing is a Product Manager’s bread and butter. They give you real insights into what works and what doesn’t by putting the options into your customers hands and gathering real-time data on how they use them. Byron Jones, a former Product Manager at Optimizely, joined us to talk about the best practices for getting it right. 

  1. The Difference: Qualitative vs Quantitative

Balancing the need for qualitative vs quantitative data is another highly-used skill by all kinds of Product people. Find out what the differences are and how to blend these two types of data together to give yourself a 360 understanding of your product.

Learn More About Product Careers

Whether you’re hiring, gunning for a promotion, or dreaming of your first Product Management job, careers are always one of the most hotly talked about topics in our community. So naturally we had to blog about it!

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  1. Behind The 10 Most Common Product Management Interview Questions

Most of us know what the most common Product Management interview questions are, and it turns out that these are the easiest ones to under-prepare for! Figure out why the interviewer is asking these questions in order to understand what answer to give them in this blog post.

  1. Why You Should Hire an Associate Product Manager

This year we gave APMs some TLC. If you’re a hiring manager, or someone who is building out your teams, let us convince you on why hiring an APM is a great idea!

  1. How to Get a Product Management Job in the Health and Fitness Industries

It’s no wonder Health and Fitness became such a sought-after industry in 2020. From apps that show you how to work out from home to subscription services for personalized vitamins, it’s an industry that got a lot of attention from newly health-conscious consumers. Here we give you some inspiration for different companies to target for your job hunt, as well as advice on how to stand out as an applicant.

Catch Up On Key Topics

We covered some pretty important topics in 2021, and talked about the things that were at the forefront of our community’s minds. Catch up on what you missed!

  1. Diversity and Inclusion in Product: Why It Matters

2020 was the year that the tech world had its diversity reckoning. In 2021, we continued the conversation and talked about why it’s so important to build products with diverse teams. Inside you’ll find resources and links to what other Product Leaders have to say.

  1. The Hybrid PM Playbook

Hybrid continues to be a hot topic among all kinds of professionals, but at the start of this year it really took off! We created a whole playbook to help you adapt to hybrid, whether you’re a Product Manager, a Leader, CSuite, or HR.

  1. Pride and Product Management: Where Tech Meets LGBT+

As the tech industry celebrated Pride month, along with the LGBT+ members of the Product world, we took a look at the contributions of the community to the product world. In this blog you’ll find further resources and a discussion on the importance of representation.

We had a great year in 2021 here on The Product Management Blog, with more than 304 articles published and over 1.6 million readers, we’re excited to see what 2022 brings! (PS, we also accept guest blogs! If you have product management/tech industry experience, and would like to contribute to the blog, please review the Product Blog contribution guidelines and contact [email protected])

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