Celebrating 7 Years of Product School

A Note from Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, CEO of Product School

Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia - Founder & CEO - Product School | LinkedIn

This month, we’re celebrating seven years of building and shipping the most impactful product management content, tools, events, community, and certificates with the world’s most influential product leaders. I see our anniversary as a time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished together as a product community.

2020 brought unprecedented challenges but it did not stop the ascendance of product people. To the contrary, the hunger for online learning, career advancement, and product management mastery only increased. It’s been our privilege to help the many people who sought to forge new career paths in a time of uncertainty.  At Product School, we beat the odds, smashed records, and welcomed more brilliant product people into the fold than ever before.

Here’s to seven years!

How Many Product Managers Have We Taught?

Our students truly are our pride and joy, and we’ve spent over 41912 hours training over 30,000 of them! All with the help of our all-star instructors, who are real-world Silicon Valley product leaders, lending their free time to train the next generation of PMs.

Product School training stats

How Much Content Have We Shared?

Our content machine has been whirring non-stop for the last 7 years, making sure that education is free and accessible to all! Our books, podcasts, videos, and events have been devoured by our community, whether they’re being introduced to PM for the first time, or if they’re seasoned professionals looking to network and fine-tune their skills.

Check out our free resources hub here.

Product School Content

How Many Events Have We Hosted?

Outside of our gold-standard training, we’re probably best known for our awesome events, and in the last 7 years we’ve hosted over 4,277 of them, around the world and online. That doesn’t even include our conference, #ProductCon, which we’ve hosted both online and in top cities like San Francisco, London, New York, and more.

How Has Our Community Grown?

Our community has grown to over 1,000,000 members! They come from all walks of life, all professional and educational backgrounds, all united by their hunger to learn and a passion for products.

We also welcomed new partnerships with some amazing companies who make product managers lives easier every day, like, Mixpanel, Heap, MURAL, and Pendo.

How Has Our Team Grown?

None of this would be possible without our team.

We’ve come a long way from that day 7 years ago, when Product School was formed of just me and my brother. We shared a cramped desk at a coworking space in San Francisco and dreamed of making product management education a reality.

Now we’re a huge, diverse, and distributed family. There’s no counting how many hours spent, coffees drunk, laughs shared, or messages ‘Slacked’. But it all adds up to the future of the product management world.

Product School Anniversary Banner

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