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New Apple Patent Applications Hints at iMac Redesign

In the world of desktop computing, nothing quite had the same wow factor as the iMac. Thanks to the iconic design (and some very clever branding) an iMac looked and felt like it meant business.

However…the aluminum iMac hasn’t really changed since the last redesign in 2012. Macworld describes the design as outdated, as it’s not ergonomic, and the bezels look huge compared to other, more modern products.

That could all be about to change.

A patent application filed last month shows a new design for the iMac, potentially made out of a single pane of glass.

iMac patent glass Apple
Image Credit: Apple / Macworld

Notably, the bezels are absolutely tiny compared to the current design. The new patent wouldn’t make the iMac any more ergonomic, but a new release should come with faster processors, more storage and an updated graphics card.

It could also come with the Touch ID pad, which was introduced to the MacBook Air back in 2018.

Fans speculate that we could be seeing a redesign announced in June 2020, as the WWDC keynote ‘would be a great opportunity.’

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Tech’s Super Bowl Ads: The Rundown

They cost literally millions of dollars, and last less than 2 minutes.

If you missed them, we’ve handpicked some of the best tech ads from the Super Bowl. So when your colleagues are discussing them when you should all be working, you’ll know what they’re talking about!

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(Prepare to sob every time you hear the name ‘Loretta’ after seeing this ad.)



WeWork Gets a New CEO

Much of WeWork’s trouble last year seemed to be from its mission to be perceived and to operate as a tech company. It seems that straddling the two world of tech and real estate were a big part of its huge valuation drop.

It finally seems like the coworking giant has chosen sides as new CEO, Sandeep Mathrani, takes charge. Mathrani is a veteran of the real estate world, having spent the last year and a half as the CEO of Brookfield Properties rental. Before that he spent eight years as the CEO of General Growth Properties, which was sold for $9.25 billion in cash.

WeWork CEO
Image Credit: Associated Press

Working under SoftBank, and aiming to shed the company’s self-perceived tech-status, WeWork hopes to regain control of the spiralling losses it suffered last year.

According to TechCrunch, Mathrani’s job will be primarily to resuscitate Neumann’s IPO dreams.

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Twitter Users Can Now Report Voter Suppression

It’s no secret that multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, have come under fire in recent years for their involvement in politics.

From ‘fake news’ and clickbait and misinformation, to hate speech and harassment, the social internet has a lot of work to do.

Twitter seems to have taken another step in the right direction. It will introduce a feature which allows users to report tweets with misleading information.

Protecting public political conversations is a top priority for the platform, with CEO Jack Dorsey announcing a ban on all political advertising last year.

This reporting flow has been an important aspect of our efforts since early 2019 to protect the health of the conversation for elections around the globe, specifically in India, the U.K., and across the EU,” said Carlos Monje, Twitter’s Director of Public Policy.

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