#LatinxProductLeaders: Changing the Face of Product

Product School are proudly honouring the contributions to the product world made by leaders in the Latinx community.

From Brazil, to Colombia, to Puerto Rico, to the USA and beyond, these professionals are changing the face of Product Management, be it within SaaS companies, social media platforms, big tech companies, or any other sector. They’ve risen to the top of their fields and continue to innovate to this day.

The face of technology, including the face of product, is changing. You don’t have to look a certain way, believe certain things, or speak with a certain accent to do what you love anymore.

However, diversity remains an issue for these sectors to recognize and act upon. Change is happening, but not as quickly as many of us would have hoped. Companies who have previously pledged millions of dollars to balancing the demographics of their workforce have increased their Latinx employees by only a few percentage points. Of those with a more significant increase, a large portion of Latinx employees work in distribution centers, leaving the more coveted technical positions to others.

By celebrating the achievement of these 15 leaders we hope to contribute to the wider conversation about the value of hiring a diverse work force in product.

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Further Resources for Latinx Professionals in Tech

We’re far from the first to talk about representation of the Latinx community in the tech industry. Alongside our own free resources which we’ve made available to all product people, we wanted to highlight a few of the many great resources online for Latinx people.

  • Latinas In Tech: The largest network of Latina women working in tech with chapters in Mexico and across the USA.
  • Latino Tech Summit: Designed to increase, retain, and elevate Latinos in the tech sector.
  • Techqueria: A nonprofit serving the largest community of Latinx in tech.

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