Proddy Winners Announced: The 35 Best Products of 2019!

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It’s been another brilliant year for Product, and here you’ll find the best of the best. From AR to Website Builders, the teams behind this year’s offering can be truly proud.

We created the Proddys to celebrate the barrier-breakers, boundary-pushers, innovators and overall geniuses of the Product world. (Take a peek at 2018’s winners here.) Every year there’s something else to celebrate. We’ve seen new solutions to age old problems, and things we had no idea we needed, and now can’t imagine life without.

You’ve voted, and now the results are in. So without further ado, here are the winners of the 2019 Proddy Awards:

Best A/B Testing Product: Optimizely

Best A/B Testing Product Proddy

A/B testing is one of the most critical tools for developing a top-tier product; hence the importance of a company like Optimizely. As the world’s leading experimentation platform, Optimizely has helped some of the biggest businesses on the planet create better products for their customers.They know that solutions are not always based on the right answer, but rather about allowing businesses to run bold experiments to come up with powerful results.

Best AI Powered Product: Qualtrics

Best AI Powered Product Proddy

A leading name in Customer Experience, Qualtrics uses top-tier AI technology to help businesses with everything from market research to HR and Product Management. They’re a global business with one goal: to build technology that closes experience gaps. Boasting a very impressive client list, it’s no wonder Qualtrics is making waves!

Best B2B Product: Wisdom

Proddy Best B2B Product

Wisdom knows you don’t have time to watch 100 years of user video recording, so it works quietly in the background and lets you know only what you need to. Making use of analytics, classifiers and neural nets, Wisdom makes Customer Experience Management feel effortless.

Best Collaboration Product: Mural

Proddy Best Collaboration Product

Visual collaboration has always been an in-person kind of deal. Now, remote teams are able to work together in a new and creative way. Whether you’re creating a new interface, or even designing a new company mascot, Mural offers tools to work together with your team no matter where you are. Gone are the days of scanning your sketches and notes and emailing them to everyone, thanks to Mural!

Best Consumer Product: Rinse

Proddy Best Consumer Product

Laundry is one part of adulthood that does not improve with time. Young or old, we all hate doing it. Rinse lets you schedule your laundry via text or within their app, with cost-effective prices and a quick turnaround. They’ll check your pockets for things that probably shouldn’t be washed (money, airpods, snacks) and you can even buy your loved ones Rinse gift cards. Never again will you have to wear swimwear under your clothes because ‘it’s laundry day.’

Best Diversity Product: Wikidata

Proddy Best Diversity Product

A sister project of Wikipedia, Wikidata is an open, collaborative, and multilingual knowledge base that can be accessed and edited by anyone, anywhere. Whether you want to read about swans in Turkish (kuğu) or science fiction in Hawaiian (mōhihiʻo) you’ll find what you need right here.

Best Data Product: Amplitude

Proddy Best Data Product

Amplitude is the #1 name in Product Intelligence, helping product people to make the most of their customer data. Amplitude can help you at any stage of your journey, from setting your product strategy to improving retention.

Best Designer Product: Figma

Best Designer Product Proddy

Figma helps you and your design team design and prototype in tandem. Evolve beyond the whiteboard and build animated prototypes fast. By being able to jump in on the same file with other colleagues, remote design teams no longer miss out on not being in the same place at the same time.

Best Developer Product: Docker

Best Developer Product Proddy

Already a Developer favorite, Docker is a leading container platform that builds, manages, and secures cutting-edge applications for companies across all industries. Used by government agencies and health services alike, there’s nothing Docker can’t handle!

Best Ecommerce Product: Farfetch

Proddy Best Ecommerce Product

Luxury Fashion shoppers expect a luxury shopping experience, and Farfetch provides just that. Shop not just one luxury brand, but many, all in the same place. Would you like a Prada envelope shoulder bag to go with your Jean Paul Gaultier Roman print top? Now you know where to go!

Best Fintech Product: Acorns

Proddy Best Fintech Product

We could all use a little help with our financial wellness, and Acorns want to help you invest, save, and spend. With automatic Round-Ups you can invest your spare change, and Acorns Later makes it easier than ever to save for retirement. With 265-bit encryption, you get bank-level security with none of the annoyingly long lunch-time queues.

Best Foodtech Product: Sun Basket

Proddy Best Foodtech Product

With one of the most notable missions in the FoodTech industry, Sun Basket has set the bar for what it means to be a company with noble products. With the goal of keeping 100% organic, Sun Basket only works with sustainable suppliers to bring the most delicious and healthy food to your doorsteps.

Best Health & Fitness Product: Headspace

Best Health & Fitness Product Proddy

If there is one app that has mastered the solution to relieving anxiety and improving your health and happiness, it is Headspace. Founded by ordained monk Andy Puddicombe and (formerly) stressed-out marketing wiz Rich Pierson in 2010. With millions of users in over 190 countries, Headspace has become synonymous with technology, wellness, and a solution to a world recognized pain point.

Best Help Desk Product: Zendesk

Best Help Desk Product Proddy

In need of a new product to manage customer service or engagement? No you don’t, because now you have Zendesk. This juggernaut of a business creates powerful products that are flexible and perfect for companies of any size. So whether your company needs to reach customers across phone, chat, email, or even social media, Zendesk has a Proddys winning product for you.

Best HR Product: BambooHR

Best HR Product Proddy

HR and having a heart are not always synonymous; most of the time the human side of things is totally forgotten. With Bamboo HR, their focus is on the people rather than the process. Bamboo’s state of the art technology allows companies to collect and organize all information throughout an employee’s lifecycle. Over 16,000 customers have chosen Bamboo, and they chose an HR platform that lets them focus on their people.

Best Location Product: Radar

Best Location Product Proddy

Geofencing reinvented is not a claim that you hear everyday., however, is doing just that. They are at the forefront of creating developer-friendly SDKs and APIs that help product and growth teams build the highest grade location-aware apps. It is no wonder that some of the largest enterprises and fastest growing startups are using their services. 

Best Marketplace Product: Wag!

Proddy Best Marketplace Product

Sorry puppies of the world, but humans have a new best friend: Wag! Founded in 2015, this on-demand dog care app has helped pup owners in over 110 cities gain flexibility in their everyday lives. Safe, simple, and fun for both owners and K-9s alike, Wag! has proven to be the best in show level product.

Best Mobile Game: Candy Crush

Proddy Best Mobile Game

If you are on public transportation, you are nearly 100% guaranteed to see someone playing the insanely addicting, world-renowned, Candy Crush. Far from your standard mobile gaming app that is exclusively designed for younger generations, Candy Crush is beloved by users of all ages. With over 500 million downloads, this is more than just a game, it is a worldwide movement.

Best Music Product: Anghami

Proddy Best Music Product

Move over Spotify, Apple Music, and really any other music streaming service out there, because Anghami is making a name for itself as the new go-to music product in the Middle East and Africa. With high rates of music piracy dominating the digital landscape in those regions, Anghami provides a legal, safe, and excellent experience in streaming your favorite music.

Best New Product: Caper

Best New Product Proddy

Want to make shopping for groceries feel like magic? Then Caper Cart is the answer you’ve been looking for. Caper Cart is a next generation, smart self-checkout cart that is powered by deep learning and computer vision, which allows customers to collect items, pay immediately, and take their goods to their car swiftly and efficiently. Say goodbye to long checkout lines, and say hello to the future of shopping.

Best News Product: Buzzfeed

Best News Product Proddy

Not only the place to go to find out what kind of cheese matches your cat’s aesthetic, Buzzfeed is a major player when it comes to online news broadcasting. From what started as a small news upstart in 2012, BuzzFeed News has certainly grown, with a man being released from prison thanks to one of its investigations in 2017.

Best Dating Product: Coffee Meets Bagel

Best Dating Product Proddy

While some apps boast about how many people you can meet in their site, Coffee Meets Bagel know that singletons want to spend less time searching and more time having actually meaningful conversations. The algorithm is constantly changing to give people the best matches, so this is the last dating app you’ll ever need.

Best Product Management Product: Pendo

Best Product Management Product Proddy

Since their inception, Pendo has been on a laser-focused mission: to improve the world’s experiences with software. They have worked with everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and they are constantly on the frontline of solving problems for businesses, and helping them create the ultimate products for their customers. Now, with awards from Forbes, Inc., and Glassdoor, they can add another Proddy trophy to their collection. 

Best Product of the Year: Zoom

Best Product of the Year Proddy

Zoom is quickly becoming the standard in video conferencing, and well deserving of a top spot. The easy toggle options for your camera and microphone, and the ability to easily share your screen makes this a firm favorite of remote teams.

Best Real Estate Product: Zillow

Best Real Estate Product Proddy

Zillow addresses many pain points of buying, selling, or renting a house. Instead of having you switch between endless Real Estate websites, Zillow has a database of more than 110 million US homes. Being able to buy a house from your phone?! What a time to be alive!

Best Recruiting Product: ZipRecruiter

Best Recruiting Product Proddy

People around the globe consider job hunting to be one of the top stressors in life. And any manager will tell you that having to plow through endless resumes and cover letters is no joy either. ZipRecruiter simplifies the process by matching jobs to candidates, serving 120 million job seekers in the last 7 years. A well deserving winner.

Best SaaS Product: Intermedia

Best SaaS Product Proddy

Intermedia offer all-in-one communication solutions, including phone, chat, video, meetings, and file collaboration. By taking the stress out of day-today comms, they help businesses focus on doing what they do best.

Best Sales & Marketing Product: WalkMe

Best Sales & Marketing Product Proddy

WalkMe is a digital adoption platform which offers everything from customer onboarding and self-service support to employee training. Serving 30% of Fortune 500 companies, you’d be hard pressed to find their equal!

Best Search Product: Algolia

Best Search Product Proddy

For the ultimate developer, search, and end-user experience, there is now a clear-cut answer on who has the best product: Algolia. With a global reach and state of the art set of products, they have continued to make industry waves every year since their founding in 2012.

Best Social Network: Quora

Best social network Proddy

Want to know what skillsets are required to be a Product Manager at Google? Or would you like to understand the best method for growing flowers in an apartment? If you do have a question like this – or any question at all – Quora will have an answer. As the premier space for asking questions and sharing answers, Quora has become the top result for almost all questions asked on search engines.

Best Transportation Product: Spot Hero

Best transportation product proddy

Everyone is fully aware of how agonizing finding a parking spot can be. Well, this frustration never has to be felt again now that SpotHero exists. With over 20+ million customers happily parking their cars, SpotHero has helped revolutionize one of the biggest pain points in the modern era.

Best Travel Product: Hopper

Best Travel Product Proddy

There is no shortage of travel products, which speaks volumes about Hopper taking home this coveted Proddy award. This app relies heavily on prediction algorithms that give trillions of data points in order to create the ultimate customized travel recommendations. But don’t just take our word for it, just ask the 42 million+ customers who have installed the app!

Best UX Design Product: Asana

Best UX Design Proddy

Why choose Asana for your team? How about because they are literally changing the dynamics of how teams work together by removing chaos from the tasks in the workplace, and increasing collaborative coordination by exponential levels. They want to help humanity thrive through their products, and it is safe to say that any team that has used it knows just how much peace of mind they can bring to the workspace.

Best VR and AR Product: Oculus

Best VR and AR product

You’ve probably heard of Oculus by now, because there is no secret that they’re the top dogs when it comes to VR and AR products. Oculus has taken millions of gamers to worlds that people could have never imagined not too long ago, and they continue to grow year over year.

Best Website Builder: Craft CMS

Best Website Builder Proddy

Craft CMS empowers developers to build great digital experiences, with a Plugin store, debug toolbar, custom order fields, custom checkout flows…well…there’s far too much for us to tell you about. You’ll have to see it for yourself!

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If you didn’t win this year, not to worry! As long as the product world keeps getting better and better, we’ll keep awarding Proddys! Could 2020 be your year? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date.

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