Product Books of the Month: April 2021

Everyone loves a good book! But as well as telling us stories of romantic vampires and Scandinavian murders, they can also make us better at our jobs.

Every month, we’re choosing three brilliant books that will make you a better product manager, a better leader, a better teammate, and perhaps even a better person!

Strong Product People by Petra Wille

Who is it for?

Product leaders who are looking for advice on how to empower and build strong product managers.

Why you should read it

Anything Petra Wille doesn’t know about leading product teams isn’t worth knowing. Being a team leader is so much more than simply delegating work and running meetings. You’re responsible for nurturing your teams and make sure they live up to their full potential.

In Strong Product People, Petra will take you through how to define your good, find your voice, attract the best people, train for excellence, and build a great culture.

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Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez

When we exclude half of humanity from the production of knowledge we lose out on potentially transformative insights."

Who is it for?

Product people who are driven to tackle ethical challenges. If you build products that serve more than one type of person (aka, basically all products!) then this book is for you.

Why you should read it

Women’s month may have just passed, but April is the perfect time to keep the conversation going and make meaningful change to how we approach technology. Awareness of the issue tends to fade post-March, so keep your understanding of gender bias sharp in the coming months.

Product managers are among those decision makers who are responsible for addressing bias in their products. Caroline Criado Perez’s landmark book is perhaps the most influential in shifting the focus of the industry onto how prolific the gender bias really is in tech.

As well as addressing the root cause of the bias, Caroline dives into the extent of its reach, as it affects everything from women’s lives at home, to how smartphones are built.

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Build Better Products by Laura Klein

Better Products by Laura Klein

Who is it for?

Anybody and everybody who makes product decisions.

Why you should read it

Building a brand new product has never been easier…but building a good product or even a great one remains a challenge!

Laura Klein’s step-by-step guide helps you develop strategies and team cultures that are customer-focused whilst also working to improve your bottom line.

The best part is that it gives you a full 360 view of product development, which is what every great product manager needs. Readers love the frameworks and trackers, which you can apply to your work immediately!

It’s the perfect guide for everyone who has to make decisions in the product development setting, from entrepreneurs to product managers.

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