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Product Perspectives 3

The year is slowly drawing to a close – but that certainly doesn’t stop the news from rolling in!

Get caught up with this week’s news from the tech and product worlds.

Boeing Bring X-Wings to Life

Everyone guessed that when the two massive powerhouses – Disney and Star Wars – combined, there would be great things to come.

In the latest development, Disney partnered with Boeing to create real-life X-Wings, a popular craft from the series which is instantly recognisable to fans.

The full-size drones were first unveiled at Disney World Orlando as part of the opening ceremony for the latest ride ‘Rise of the Resistance.’

Boeing have been pretty coy with the details, confirming that the iconic ships were Boeing aircraft, but holding back from sharing any further information for now.

Star Wars/tech enthusiasts are already analysing footage from the first flight, trying to work out how they were built.

Hopefully, we’ll hear some more insights for the curious soon! In the meantime, check out the iconic aircraft taking off for the public for the first time:

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Next-Gen Xbox is Out There Somewhere…

Following on from last week’s revelation that prototypes for Playstation 5 are in the hands of developers, the Head of Xbox confirmed on Twitter that the new Xbox is nearly ready to go.

Although we don’t have all that much information on Project Scarlett – according to Techspot the tweet implies that Xbox must have made good on their promise for backwards compatibility and their promise that all Xbox One accessories will also be compatible.

What’s certain is that all eyes in the gaming world will be firmly on Xbox and the promises they’ve made. When the Xbox One was unveiled at E3 in 2013 it received negative feedback, especially as the presentation seemed to focus on a television integration demonstration. An odd choice for a gaming conference.

With tech journalists at the time giving Xbox One the nickname ‘Xbox 180’, Microsoft accidentally gave Playstation 4 a head-start in the next gen battle.

Will history repeat itself, or will Project Scarlett blow all of our minds by giving gamers everything they’ve been asking for? Only time will tell…

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Netflix Prepares for Golden Globes Success

Part of what has made Netflix so successful in recent years is the quality of their original content. It gives them the edge over competitors, as some of the most talked about shows and films of the 2010’s (Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Stranger Things, Narcos…we could go on for hours) were available exclusively on Netflix.

Their commercial success is also rewarded with critical success, with 34 Golden Globe nominations, placing them firmly at the top of the list of film distributors and television networks.

The nominations include Best Actress for Nathasha Lyonne (Russian Doll) and Olivia Colman (The Crown), Best Motion Picture for The Irishman, and Best Screenplay for Marriage Story and The Two Popes.

All of this from a company which, eight short years ago, brought us Qwikster and nearly sealed its own coffin!

How can product people replicate such roaring success? Hear from Netflix’s own former VP of Product, Gibson Biddle:

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Rumours for Apple’s 2020 Offering

As always rumors and speculation about what new innovations Apple will be bringing us for the new decade are starting to circulate.

According to cnet we might be getting four new iPhone models. TouchID may also be making a comeback in the form of Qualcomm’s new in-screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

Some are also expecting Apple to release a new iPad Pro with a 3D sensor, which would enable users to create their own digital reconstructions of objects and their environments. With this serious step further into augmented reality, a first headset is reportedly being prepared for a 2021/2022 release.

silver iphone on macbook

Apple are also expected to release a cheaper model of the iconic iPhone. One of the major criticisms consumers have for the current line of smartphone is the price point, which is one of the highest on the market. With cheaper competitor models like HUAWEI P30 and Google Pixel becoming popular alternatives, a more economical iPhone could be a big win for Apple.

Reports expect the new, cheaper iPhone to launch in the spring, with a price point of around $400.

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