Product Manifesto Gets Nominated for Product Hunt’s 2021 Golden Kitty Awards

Product Manifesto has been nominated for Product Hunt’s Golden Kitty Awards, in the Education category. Among 26 other fantastic products, it makes us proud to be included in this space.

If you loved Product Manifesto, and want to help us win a coveted Golden Kitty Award, head here to vote now! You have until Sunday, January 16th.

Golden Kitty Award

What Is Product Manifesto?

Product People are entrusted to take on the biggest business challenges of our day, but we’ve lacked an up-to-date and actionable set of principles to guide this work, build better products, manage better teams, and advance our individual practice.

This manifesto is:

  • The first of its kind, by and for Product People.
  • A reflection of the collective input from Product People of diverse backgrounds.
  • A set of actionable principles that speak to the urgent real-life questions and challenges we face every day.

What Are The Golden Kitty Awards?

We launched Product Manifesto on Product Hunt in October 2021, and thanks to the support of the incredible community, it rose to #4 Product of the Month. We had some incredible feedback from Product lovers…

“CONGRATS to the entire team on this launch! I’ve been waiting many months for this!”

“This is very exciting to see and I look forward to watching it evolve as it gets out into ‘the real world’. Long overdue for the industry.”

“Love how this can align PMs with a set of principles we can all work towards! Great work!! Can’t wait to implement this in my day-to-day.”

The Golden Kitty Awards are Product Hunt’s way of uplifting and celebrating products like this, loved by the community and that have a significantly positive. There are categories spanning the tech world, like E-commerce, No code, Web3, Social good, and ‘WTF’.

In the Education category, where Product Manifesto proudly sits, the nominees are simply called ‘Products that help you learn things.’ But as we’ve already proven, Product Manifesto does so much more than just that!

How to Vote

To vote, make sure you are logged in to your Product Hunt account. (If you don’t have one, you can log in with your Google or Facebook account.) Then head to the Education category, scroll until you see Product Manifesto, and click the little upvote arrow. Simple!

Product Manifesto on Product Hunt

Thank you for your support 🎉

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