Product School Launches Product Manifesto

Twenty years ago, the Agile Manifesto changed the way the technology industry worked. It was, and remains, a revolutionary document. It helped to make us leaner, faster, more customer-driven, and more flexible to change. But a lot has happened in twenty years, and we believe it’s time for Product Managers to collectively define the principles that will guide the future of our craft.

At Product School, we believe that the new generation of Product people need a guide, a playbook, and a set of principles that are true for all involved in building digital products. They deserve to have their craft well-defined, whilst leaving room for creativity and interpretation. Something as flexible and universal as Product Management itself. Introducing…Product Manifesto.

How We’re Defining a New Era of Product Management

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work with an incredible group of Product Leaders, figuring the core truths of Product Management. Under the guidance of Mayank Yadav, they’ve been defining the subtle nuances between the principles first laid out in the Agile Manifesto, and the reality of modern Product Management.

The working group have come together as professionals, and together as colleagues to create an openly collaborative environment where no voice goes unheard. In their day jobs, they build products as some of the most influential and category-leading companies in the world. And now they’re using the same level of passion, dedication and skill their roles demand to help build the Product Manifesto.

Product Manifesto working group

The ideas, opinions, and experiences used to craft the first ever Product Manifesto do not solely come from the working group, or Product School. We’ve collected insights from the wider Product community, and really listened to what they have to say, ensuring that this really is a manifesto for all.

We’ve also been supported and encouraged by our incredible partners. They not only make the day to day lives of Product Managers easier, now they’re also building the future of Product Management with us!

Product Manifesto Sponsors

We’ve been sharing the journey with you all through our publicly available roadmap, and now we’re finally ready for launch!

Product Manifesto and the Future of Product Management Education

We’re so excited, as teachers of Product Management, to have this manifesto out in the world. But what does this mean for our students?

Students and members of the Product School community can expect to see these principles weaved into everything we do, including our curriculum. We treat our curriculum like a product, constantly innovating and changing based on the challenges faced by Product Managers of all levels.

While there are many ways to do Product Management, we believe that using the manifesto to teach the new generation of Product people will help to ground us in a shared baseline. It will also act as a playbook for every stage of a Product career, to help established leaders to be better at what they do.

Product Management has often been misunderstood and misrepresented, and so with this manifesto we have an opportunity to solidify what we do, and how we do it.

What’s Coming Next?

This initial launch is a huge step. After all, this is the very first Product Manifesto. But make no mistake, the journey doesn’t end after launch. Any good product person will tell you that! So stay tuned, because there’s so much more coming your way.

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