Product School Launches Groundbreaking Senior Product Manager Certification

Since Product School was founded in 2014, Product Management has been on a meteoric rise which has carried Product Managers greater prominence within their companies. With increasing demand for PMs comes better-defined and evolved Product Career paths. We’ve been listening to our students and hiring partners, and are ready to announce an exciting change that is going to help more Product People level up their career growth:

Introducing the Senior Product Manager Certification (SPMC)™ 

We’re announcing a new certification for early career PMs who are looking to get promoted to their first Senior Product Manager role: Senior Product Manager Certification (SPMC)™. This is a first-of-its-kind certification, designed exclusively for working Product Managers who are ready to level up.

In addition to our new Senior Product Manager Certification (SPMC)™, we are also offering:

Product Manager Certification (PMC)™ 

Newly updated and upgraded, our flagship course is ideal for aspiring Product Managers looking to land a first PM job or transition from a non-Product role. 

Product Leader Certification (PLC)™

Our most advanced course helps Senior Product Managers hone their leadership, strategic and management skills to advance beyond the Individual Contributor (IC) role.

Boost Your Career With Our New PM Examinations

Not only have we made significant updates to our original course content, in response to demand from employers we’re also introducing examinations to our certifications. These exams are rigorously designed to ensure they measure the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to drive results at each stage of a PM’s career..

With these exams, we are giving our students an even stronger credential, and reinforcing the trust that hiring managers and recruiters feel when they see a Product School certification on a resume.

Want to hear more about our new certification from our CEO? Join us at ProductCon on May 10th. 

What Does This Mean for Current Product School Alumni?

We’re rolling out our new certifications, complete with exams, on March 30th. You’ll be able to get all of the updated information that you need on our website right here. You just might notice that these pages look somewhat different than before. Let’s just say our updates aren’t limited to the experience of our courses.

If you’re already a Product School graduate with a certificate issued before March 30th, 2022, don’t panic! If you’re interested in taking the exam, we’ve got you. Later this year, we’ll open exams to previous graduates. And if you’re a PMC graduate that is interested in SPMC then there is no need to take the lower level examination. 

If you have recently enrolled in one of our current certifications, our Student Success team will be in touch with you soon to help you get onboarded and provide you with all of the support you need.

If you want to be one of the first people to see our all-new certifications for yourself and take your career to the next level, contact our admissions team.

What Does This Mean for Companies?

We know that teams have different training needs than individuals, and those needs vary depending on industry. We’ve always customized our training for clients and that’s not changing with the launch of SPMC. In fact, we created SPMC in part to address specific requirements coming for our corporate clients.. We’re excited to share more about the offering with you, if you’d like to delve into the details, schedule a call with our team.

The Future of Product Management Education and EdTech

At Product School, we’ve had a front-row seat to the ascendance of Product Management both in Silicon Valley and across the globe. We’ve watched as companies become increasingly more interested in applying product-thinking to drive growth, and we’ve seen people from all kinds of backgrounds fall in love with their new career path.

These changes to our curriculum come off the back of a monumental year for Product School, which saw us launch the Product Manifesto and achieve our first $25M funding round. With these improvements to our certifications and the introduction of exams, we’re leveling-up our game to better help Product People at all career stages, as well as the companies who hire and depend on them. On that note, we’re releasing our third edition of the Future of Product Management Report, where we share the key trends impacting all things Product. More exciting things are coming, so stay tuned!

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