Product School Students Get Free Access to Top Product Management Tools

Students in our Certificate programs now get training and free access to the same tools that the best Product Managers use on the job. These are cutting edge software tools designed specifically for PMs, by PMs, to build products used by millions.

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Introducing Product School’s Training Partners:

Using No-Code Tools Designed Specifically for Product Managers

Back in the day, Product Managers had to make do with generic tools that barely met their requirements and made them rely more heavily on other team members to deliver value. Today, thanks to the companies above, PMs benefit from a host of sophisticated and user-friendly, no-code tools that enable them to deliver value more quickly and to lead more effectively.

We’re thrilled to partner with Product School to help teach the next generation of Product Leaders how to use product analytics to gather deep insights about their users, and how to guide their larger decisions with data.”

Matin Movassate, Co-founder and CEO at Heap

“We want every product manager to have access to the tools they need to accelerate product adoption. I’m excited to partner with Product School to get Pendo Free in the hands of students and alumni as they are starting or advancing their careers.”

Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo

Building the Gold Standard in Product Management Training

We believe passionately that education needs to be hands-on, and directly relevant to the work you will actually be doing as a Product Manager.

From the moment you enroll in Product School, you’ll start building products yourself. You gain the experience of turning an idea into reality. With these new partners, we are doubling the value of our Certificate programs, without increasing the price. Here’s what you’re getting…

  1. Curriculum: Best-in-class product management frameworks and case studies
  2. Instructors: Top Product Leaders actively working at Silicon Valley companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Uber, and Amazon
  3. Community: Strong career support and alumni network 
  4. NEW! Tools: Free access to top Product Management tools

Check out our Certificates page to learn more about our programs and upcoming cohorts.

This month we’re exploring the topic of side hustles, the things we do build outside of work that allow us to hone our skills and add value to the world.Keep an eye on our blog, social media, and in our online communities as we talk about all things side hustle!As an extra celebration, we’re offering students access to even more PM tools. This month only, you’ll get access to:

  • Mixpanel – Powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.
  • Gainsight – Deliver the outcomes your customers expect at every stage of their journey
  • GoodData – The analytics platform for every need
  • Logi Analytics – Analytics seamlessly embedded within your application
  • Revenera – Product Usage Analytics for Smarter, Faster Strategy and Roadmap Decisions.
  • Fullstory – Reveals the truth about your customer’s digital experience—so that you can make it better.
  • Amplitude – The Digital Optimization System.

Head right over here to sign up for your online product management certification. You can even choose your instructor and start learning right away!

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