Product School Students Get Free Access to Product Management Tools

Students in our Certification programs now get training and free access to the same tools that the best Product Managers use on the job—a tool suite that would normally cost you $275 a month! These are cutting edge software tools designed specifically for PMs, by PMs, to build products used by millions.

Introducing Product School’s Training Partners:

Using No-Code Tools Designed Specifically for Product Managers

Don’t you love when something is made just for you?

Back in the day, Product Managers had to make do with generic tools that barely met their requirements and made them overly reliant on other team members (AKA higher risk of troublesome bottlenecks!). Today, thanks to the companies above, PMs benefit from a host of sophisticated and user-friendly, no-code tools that let them deliver value faster and lead more effectively.

Turning Ideas Into Reality: The Gold Standard in Product Management Training

We believe passionately that education needs to be hands-on, and directly relevant to the work you will actually be doing as a Product Manager. Book knowledge is important, but ultimately Product Managers are doers and builders.

As you fill your head with frameworks and theories, we encourage you to get out your toolbox and apply those concepts to real projects. This is the best way to cement your product knowledge! With these new partners, we’re increasing the value of our Certification programs without increasing the price. And when you finish the program, you’ll have a portfolio to show off to potential employers.

Here’s what you’re getting…

  1. Curriculum: Best-in-class Product Management frameworks and case studies
  2. Instructors: Top Product Leaders actively working at Silicon Valley companies including Google, Meta, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Uber, and Amazon
  3. Community: Strong career support and alumni network 
  4. NEW! Tools: Free access to top Product Management tools

Check out our Certification page to learn more about our programs and upcoming cohorts.

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