Product School Students Now Get Free Access to Top Product Management Tools

Today is a big day at Product School. Starting from now, students of our Certificate programs will get training and free access to the same professional level tools that the best Product Managers use on the job.

product management tools

Building an ever-changing digital product is a mighty challenge, requiring dozens of steps with a high degree of complexity. Back in the day, Product Managers had to make do with generic tools to roadmap, plan, prototype, launch, and analyze the success of the products and features they built. But times have changed – Now there’s a whole suite of low-code and no-code visual tools, specifically designed for the challenges and needs of PMs.

At Product School, we believe in doing everything possible to get our students “battle ready” so you gain the confidence to actually build products in the real world. In line with this goal, we are excited to announce our six curriculum partners:

  1. Jira for agile project management
  2. Heap for product analytics
  3. Optimizely for A/B testing, feature flags, and rollouts
  4. Miro for team collaboration
  5. Balsamiq for wireframing
  6. Invision for prototyping

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to build better products. Now you will not only be trained by Product Leaders at companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Uber, and Amazon, but you’ll also be using their exact same tools.

Here’s what our new partners are saying…

“Our partnership with Product School is a natural fit since we’re rooted in the mission of helping teams create the next big thing. Miro is particularly fitting for use in Product School since it’s an infinite whiteboard. Students can start with pre-built templates for everything from brainstorming to Kanban, then grow to more advanced use cases like intricate product roadmapping.”

Andrey Khusid,  Co-founder and CEO at Miro

We’re thrilled to partner with Product School to help teach the next generation of Product Leaders how to use product analytics to gather deep insights about their users, and how to guide their larger decisions with data. The product world is changing with incredible speed, and we’re excited to work with Product School to help forge – and share – a canon of best practices that set PMs up to do better both now and in the future

Matin Movassate, Co-founder and CEO at Heap

We treat our curriculum as a product, and are constantly iterating it based on market trends, feedback from students, instructors, and hiring partners.

If you’re interested in exploring more product management tools, check out Productverse, an interactive visualization of over 250 tools curated by Product School.

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