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It can be difficult for you to understand what your customers are thinking when using your product. You may be perplexed as to why a customer spends so much time checking X feature, or why it takes your customer multiple steps to get from point A to point B when it should only take one. That’s where Customer Journey Maps come to the rescue by helping you map out, understand and optimize the customer experience.

Ready to understand your customers’ expectations and needs? There’s no time to waste, let’s get started!

customer journey map

Customer Journey Map 101 

A Customer Journey Map (CJM) is a diagram that shows visually the stages a customer goes through when using your product. From the trigger, need, or pain point that motivates them to begin using your product, through the actual use through to resolution and the achievement of their goal.

A CJM also works to frame the experience around your customer’s experience and helps you develop empathy with your audience.

Objectives of a Customer Journey Map

A CJM furthers organizational evolution towards customer-centered thinking in one of two ways: 

  • It helps to identify different areas of opportunity
  • It efficiently distributes key customer insights 

2 Main Stages of CJM

CMJ 2 parts

Step by Step

Here are a few important steps to take before making your customer journey map: 

  • Stage: Decide whether you are mapping the current state of a user or a target aspirational state that you would like them to reach.
  • Actor: Define the main actor in your map. Is it a customer, employee, stakeholder? It may be multiple, especially if you have a marketplace.
  • Timeframe: Define the timeframe; is it over the course of a month, a week, a year?
  • Depth: Define the perspective and level of depth. 
  • Touchpoint: A point of interaction and any agent or artifact of an organization.
  • Channel: A medium of interaction with customers or users.

Get your template here

We’ve laid it all out in three different template styles, on Google Slides, MURAL and Coda.

On Google Slides

Gain instant access to the template here.


Think critically about your user’s needs and motivations with the template created by MURAL.

On Coda

Get started with Coda’s three surefire steps to better understand your customer.

Coda customer journey map
Copy on Coda

Main takeaways

  1. One purpose of a CJM is to identify innovation and ideation opportunities.
  2. CJMs also show how to deliver key value to customers.
  3. There are typically 6 steps to a CJM.
  4. It’s important to develop empathy for our customers.

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