#ProductCon London Summary: Presentations + Videos

The Art of Making Impossible Product Decisions by Mariano Capezzani, HSBC’s Senior Digital PM

Product Management Across Cultures by Claire Parker, Financial Times’ Senior PM 

Great Product Managers and Building Great Relationships by Richard Manion, McDonald’s Fmr PM

Product Management in Games by Ponappa Somayanda, Zynga’s Lead Product Manager

Working with UX in Product by Melanie McKay, Rightmove’s Consumer Product Lead

The Art of Selling in Product Management by Piyush Kaushal, Amazon’s Senior PM

Product and Growth Marketing by Satya Singh, Hotels.com’s Senior Product Manager

Data-Driven PM in Big Organizations by Jennifer Drabble, Barclays’ Director of Product & Data Science

How Machine Learning Delivers Personalized Experiences by Ammar Jawad, Expedia Group’s Product Manager

Product Management for AI by Trevor Back, Google Deep Mind’s Product Manager

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