#ProductCon San Francisco Summary: Presentations + Videos

How Netflix Built and Maintained an Innovative Culture by Gibson Biddle, Former VP of Product at Netflix

Product Strategy: Idea to Action by Anna Marie Clifton, Senior Product Manager at Coinbase

Launching New Products in Established Companies
by Fazal Gupta, Director CPQ at Oracle

Being a Continuous Teacher and Servant Leader by Christine Itwaru, Director of Product Management at Pendo

Master Modern Work
Erica Antony, VP of Product Management at Workfront

Decision Making with Data by Deb Dutta, Senior Product Manager at PayPal

How to Use Beta to Create a Killer Launch by Prachi Wadekar, Product Manager at Mixpanel

Decision Making in Enterpise vs. Consumer Product Management 
Varun Bakhru by Former Lead Product Manager at eBay

Growth Beyond Mobile and Web
Vish Pai by Head of Product at Amazon Alexa

Customer Centricity and Product Led Growth by Pratik Shah, Product & Growth at Airbnb

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