#ProductCon Seattle Summary: Presentations + Videos

Did you miss any talks during #ProductCon Seattle? Are there any important points you wish to retake? Don’t worry. We’ve got it covered. All 9 #ProductCon Seattle presentations + videos in one place.

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Netflix’s Customer Obsession by Gibson Biddle, Former VP of Product at Netflix

Building High Performing Product Teams by Leslie Grandy, SVP of Digital Products at Discovery

KPIs to Facilitate ‘Fail Fast, Learn and Iterate’ by Suhas Manangi, Product Manager at Lyft

AI and Machine Learning for Product Management by Nitin Bhat, Sr. Director of PM at Smartsheet

Impactful Product Expansion 
by Pooja Ghera, Principal PM at Amazon Alexa

Betas: A Winning Launch Strategy 
by Prachi Wadekar, Product Manager at Mixpanel

Expectation Management for Product Managers by Tony Pagliocco, PM Leader at Boeing

Building a Data-Driven
by Ria Sankar, Senior Manager at Microsoft

The Scientific Method of Experimentation by Ruben Lozano, Product Manager at Google Cloud

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