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@Soumen: Can anyone recommend some good resources that talk about leading PM teams? I would like to read about how people managers grow in Product

@Yuting Chu: Leading PM teams is really about leading a team of experts. Use those types of keywords in looking for resources. Many of the resources that are out there are too generic to be of practical use or written by people for self-promotional purposes. However, I did find these exceptionally helpful:

@CharBrew: Inspiring article from McKinsey on the emerging importance of Product Managers

@Ethan Tan

I’ve been hearing from PMs that they’re looking for clear guidelines from management…
That they’re waiting to be given some clarity about their role…
It’s not something that you should wait for…
And not something you want to accept passively…
It’s something you should actively craft!



How can I prove to my directors that keeping track of User Engagement, User Behavior, and setting clear KPIs, are all very important even though it doesn’t always bring money (in a direct way) for the company?

@Rossy P: You can start by positioning it in question form. You should ask what should success look like for us, and then build a case for why it’s important to track metrics that answer that question. Sometimes, all that is needed is educating directors on what the KPIs mean and, while it may not bring in money as a direct result, it will most certainly prevent money from leaving as you can find gaps in the value to users and improve on that if needed.

I have been asked to improve the customer experience by using ‘Customer Journey Maps’. Could any of you please suggest me a book or a resource that will help me understand how to design one?

@RSims: A couple of resources I had bookmarked that might help

@Tom from CharlieHR: I’ve got a list of recommended reading for PMs that I’ve been maintaining for a few years now


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