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What is Customer Success in Product Management?

Customer Success means your customers meet their needs with your product and have a positive experience while doing so. Customer Success is the North Star for many Product Managers, and is critical for customer retention and business growth.

Understanding Customer Success for Product Managers

What is Customer Success?

Customer Success is a business strategy focused on creating long-term value and satisfaction for customers. Product Managers should be laser-focused on driving customer success. They do this through understanding customers' needs, delivering a high-quality product, and providing exceptional support throughout the customer journey. 

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Why Customer Success Matters

Whether your business has a Product-Led or Sales-Led go-to-market strategy (or a mixture of both), Customer Success is essential for building sustainable growth. Loyal customers are more likely to continue using your product, refer others to your product, and provide valuable feedback for future improvements.

How to Apply Customer Success Strategies in Product Management

Customer success strategies are tools & techniques a Product Manager uses to increase customer satisfaction and leverage this to drive Product-Led Growth. Here are four examples of Customer Success strategies all Product Managers should know:

One: Onboarding and Training. Providing an effective onboarding and training process means helping your customers learn how to use your product, and providing them with the necessary resources to be successful with it. This could include tutorials, webinars, or personalized training sessions.

Two: Customer Feedback. Product Managers actively seek out customer feedback and use it to make improvements to the product. This could include surveys, feedback forms, or user testing sessions. Pro tip: Don’t only listen to your customers, but use their feedback to improve your product.

Three: Success Metrics. Customer Success metrics include setting benchmarks for product adoption, usage, and engagement. By first setting these targets and then tracking progress towards those goals, you can keep your stakeholders aligned towards the needs of the customer. 

Four: User Flows. A User Flow is a visual representation of the Customer Journey. This is a powerful tool to understand potential friction points where Customer Success may be falling short where you can make targeted interventions. Learn more about User Flows

When to Utilize Customer Success in Product Management

Customer Success should be a Product Manager’s priority throughout the Product Lifecycle, from the initial design and development stages through launch and beyond. Product Managers should obsess over the customer and always be looking for ways to improve the customer experience and build stronger customer relationships.

Customer Success in action 

We expanded our Product Management team to allow us to redouble our Customer Success efforts. This resulted in increased customer retention, leading to significant business growth.

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