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Building Multi-Million Audience Products: Inside Dow Jones' Monetization Strategy

Ryan Daly Gallardo, SVP of Consumer Products at Dow Jones

Ryan Daly Gallardo

June 27, 2024

In this episode of the Product Podcast, unlock the secrets to leading successful product teams in our latest episode featuring Ryan Dally Gallardo, the Senior Vice President of Product at Dow Jones. Join us as Ryan takes us on her inspiring journey from intern to a pivotal leader managing top consumer brands like the Wall Street Journal.

In this episode, Ryan shares how her upbringing in a large family honed her communication skills, crucial for overseeing diverse teams. Her background in market research and analytics laid a solid foundation for her current role, emphasizing the importance of understanding systems rather than coding.

Dive deep into the concept of "front seat, back seat" leadership and learn how clear roles and communication are paramount in product management. Ryan also discusses the structure of Dow Jones' product teams and the advantages of having dedicated product owners for each brand and platform.

Explore essential product metrics, monetization strategies, and the delicate balance between user needs and business goals. Ryan explains how Dow Jones maintains a premium user experience while integrating ads and the impact of AI on journalism. This episode offers a comprehensive guide to building and leading successful products at scale, with valuable insights into leadership, cross-functional collaboration, and the significance of context in data interpretation.

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Episode highlights 🚀

(00:00) 🏗️ Building Products for a Multi-Million Audience
(04:44) 📰 First Job at Dow Jones
(08:19) 🤝 Product Ownership and Collaboration Structure
(14:01) 📊 Product Metrics and Monetization Strategies
(19:11) ⚖️ Friction between advertising and subscription models
(27:40) 🌟 Personalization, Innovation, and Leadership in Media
(34:28) 🤖 Integration of AI in journalism
(42:03) 🔑 Context Is Key in Product Development


Host: Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia
Guest: Ryan Daly Gallardo

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