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From LinkedIn and Atlassian Product Leadership to VC: The Evolution of Joff Redfern

Joff Redfern

Joff Redfern

June 20, 2024

In this episode of the Product Podcast, we dive into the fascinating career journey of Joff Redfern, who made a big move from Chief Product Officer at Atlassian to partner at Menlo Ventures. If you're navigating career changes or want to master business innovation, this episode is a must-listen.

Join us as Joff shares his insights on the dynamic roles of VP and CPO, the importance of managing talent, and building strong executive relationships. He also talks about his "less is more" philosophy, which extends to his sustainable living on a farm in Santa Barbara, where he's all about being food, water, and energy independent.

You'll learn about Joff's innovative "Rolling Four Plans" strategy, which he introduced at Atlassian. This game-changing approach to traditional annual planning promotes flexibility with quarterly updates, helping organizations stay ahead in a competitive market.

We also explore how AI is transforming venture capital and product tech industries. Joff discusses investments in pioneering companies like Anthropic and Pinecone, shedding light on how AI is reshaping software development and product management. Plus, he highlights the importance of effective communication in rallying teams around groundbreaking visions.

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Episode highlights 🚀 

(00:00) - Transition From Product Executive to VC
(15:19) - Improving Strategy With Rolling Four Plans
(28:19) - Venture Capital and AI Investing
(34:50) - AI's Impact on Product Tech Industry
(41:16) - The Power of Effective Communication

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