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From Local Food Delivery to Regional Tech Powerhouse with Yi-Wei, CPO at Talabat

Yi-Wei Ang

Yi-Wei Ang

June 13, 2024

Join us in a new Product Podcast as Yi-Wei Ang, the Chief Product Officer at Talabat, takes us through his extraordinary journey of transforming Talabat from a local food delivery service into the largest multi-service tech company in the Middle East. Yi-Wei shares invaluable insights into how his team expanded from 100 to 550 in product and engineering, and how they tackled the challenges of scaling a tech company in a rapidly growing market.

Discover the strategies behind structuring teams to stay closely aligned with business and customer issues, the importance of deep diving into each vertical, and the role of personalization in enhancing the customer experience. Learn about the potential for cross-selling between Talabat's diverse services and the innovative use of AI technology in customer experiences, such as AI-driven recipe generation in grocery stores.

In this episode, we delve into the complexities of product strategy in growing markets, emphasizing the need to understand local cultures and the importance of having local sponsors for new features to ensure commercial success. Yi-Wei also discusses balancing tailored experiences with brand consistency across different regions, long-term planning and prioritization, and fostering a culture of vulnerability and learning from failures.

This is a must-listen for anyone interested in product development and leadership in the fast-evolving tech landscape of the Middle East.

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Episode highlights 🚀 

(00:55) - Building a Multi-Service Tech Company
(05:30) - Overcoming Early Startup Challenges
(10:57) - Product Strategy in Growing Markets
(15:45) - Balancing Innovation with Market Demand
(22:08) - Product Leadership and Vulnerability Insights
(28:12) - Future Trends in Tech Industry
(35:50) - Importance of Team Culture and Collaboration

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