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Trisha Price Reveals Pendo’s Game-Changing AI Product Features (CPO)

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Trisha Price

July 04, 2024

In this episode of the Product Podcast, we sit down with Trisha Price, the Chief Product Officer at Pendo, to explore how AI is transforming product strategy and driving innovation. Trisha shares the incredible impact of OpenAI's ChatGPT on Pendo's development of new features, particularly in guide creation, analytics, and qualitative feedback synthesis. Learn how Pendo is balancing cutting-edge AI advancements with customer satisfaction through initiatives like hackathons and user feedback.

Dive deep into Pendo's strategic integration of diverse products under one cohesive platform, the criteria for evolving features into standalone offerings, and the power of open APIs. Trisha provides valuable insights into the evolving role of chief product officers in shaping go-to-market strategies and achieving key business outcomes like reducing churn and driving growth.

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the daily life of a product executive at Pendo, where customer engagement and meticulous execution tracking are crucial. Plus, get a sneak peek at an upcoming product launch set to redefine customer communication through AI and smart segmentation, promising hyper-personalized experiences. This episode is packed with actionable insights for anyone navigating the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Don't miss it! 🎧✨

Episode highlights 🚀 
(00:00) 🌟 Intro
(01:45) 🤖 How ChatGPT influenced Pendo's AI strategy
(11:20) 🛠️ Building an Integrated Product Platform at Pendo
(15:25) 🏢 How Product Teams Are Now Being Involved in Go-To-Market?
(20:30) 📊 Product Leadership and Success Metrics
(27:12) 📣 Three Approaches to Engage Customers
(35:10) 🗓️ Day in the Life of a Product Executive
(40:33) 🔍 Sneak Peek of Upcoming Launch

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Host: Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia
Guest: Trisha Price

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