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Leading Product at Amazon and Google with Priyankka Mani

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Priyankka Mani

May 31, 2024

Tune into this engaging episode of the Product Podcast, where we delve into the career story of Priyankka Mani, former CPO at Lonely Planet. Discover her incredible journey and insights gained from leading product teams at tech giants Google and Amazon, and how she expertly navigated her career switch from marketing to product management. Learn about her approach to handling user outcomes, her strategy for competitive e-commerce pricing, and her use of AI in content suggestions. Take away some valuable tips on leading a team through digital transformations and find that ideal balance between the speed of innovation and quality.

Episode highlights 🚀 

(00:00) Transition From Marketing to Product Management
(05:36) Pricing Strategy in E-Commerce World
(13:06) Challenges and Opportunities in Machine Learning
(16:11) Global Expansion and Product Development
(24:42) Digital Transformation Challenges Lonely Planet
(30:14) Challenges of Content and Product Integration
(41:36) Balancing Velocity and Quality in Business

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