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Alvaro Morales

Alvaro Morales

June 07, 2024

Join us in this episode with Álvaro Morales, CEO of Orb, as he explores product pricing strategies that align value and revenue. From his start as a software engineer at Asana to his current role leading pricing innovation, Álvaro offers insights into initial pricing decisions and the progression towards complex pricing frameworks.

Learn how pricing strategies impact company growth, the importance of collaboration across departments, and the basics of usage-based pricing models. Discover the balance of choosing value metrics, introducing new pricing to customers, and the concept of reverse trials.

The episode also touches on the future of pricing, billing system challenges, and Orb's approach to simplifying these for customer satisfaction. Álvaro discusses transitioning from seed-based to usage-based pricing, the importance of trust in pricing changes, and how to create value displays that maintain customer engagement.

Learn how to master pricing for your business.

Episode highlights 🚀

(00:00) - Podcast Episode Introduction
(00:56) - Understanding Product Pricing Strategies
(10:01) - Maximizing Revenue With Usage-Based Pricing
(24:23) - AI Pricing Strategies and Communication
(29:39) - Building the Future of Pricing
(30:39) - Closing Remarks and End of Episode

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