Customer Journey Map Template

Validated by Amin Bashi, VP of Product at Product School.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes to find the problems in your user experience (and uncover opportunities to solve them). Available in Google Slides and PowerPoint.

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Customer journey map
PMT-Customer Journey_sneakpeak-02.svg

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This Customer Journey Map template will help you:

Create a visual representation of the steps a user takes while using your product and interacting with your company.

Identify key moments when you are losing customers.

Help you and your team look at your product from your user’s point of view.

Customer journey map sneak peek

Make your product a friction-free solution

It’s one thing to know how your engineers and designers see your product; it’s another to know how your users see it. They don’t have the same behind-the-scenes context you have. Exercise seeing the product from an outside perspective to identify pain points and uncover opportunities for customer delight.

A great  way to shift your mindset from builder to user is to create a customer journey map, a visual representation of your users’  experience with your product.