What is Product Management?

Understand How PMs develop and launch products that meet customer needs and drive business.

Product Management is a function in an organization that develops, launches, and oversees the Product Lifecycle. As a Product Manager, your goal is to make sure your product or feature delivers value by solving customer pain-points and meeting the user’s needs. While staying laser-focused on the end user, a Product Manager needs to lead through influence, manage a cross-functional team, and balance the often-conflicting needs of stakeholders across the organization.

Product Management is a Cross-Functional Leadership Role

Product Management is a leadership role that is increasingly cross-functional and interacts with business, marketing, sales, engineering, design, as well as C-Suite level leadership. Product Managers perform this role by analyzing market and competition data, defining product vision, and communicating product requirements to engineering and support teams. The product manager also balances the needs of the customers and the limitations defined by stakeholders and advocates for the product and team members to the board.

An Example of Product Management in Action

A day in the life of a Product Manager at Microsoft revolves around a process known as The PM Infinite Loop. The process includes research, writing, designing, launching, evangelizing, testing, and repeating. It's worth noting that a PM doesn't necessarily have to possess technical expertise, as many of the PM roles entail non-technical tasks such as developing strategies and product planning.” 

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