Why is Product Management important?

Learn how Product management drives a product to achieve success throughout its lifecycle.

Product Management is important because it ensures "Product" is successful and meets organizational goals. Product Management owns the responsibility for
Product" throughout its life cycle, from idea generation to post-launch evaluation. This means Product Managers are the decision-makers for the Product and work closely with internal and external teams to ensure its success. 

Product Management helps a company:

  • Deliver value to users faster and more consistently than competitors by identifying and executing opportunities aligned with the company’s overall Business and Technology strategy.

  • Establish a compelling purpose that aligns with the organizational vision and guide the Product Team to prioritize and create product experiences that solve users' pain points.

  • Proactively remove roadblocks, pave the way for innovation, and handle multiple priorities to ensure an excellent end-to-end customer experience.

  • Develop solutions that address customer needs by working at the intersection of software development, data science, and user experience.

  • Define metrics, organize and structure them to make them consumable, and track product outcomes' impact to the company’s North Star and P&L.

  • Launch MVPs, validate business cases and conduct A/B testing and experimentation of new features with the Product Marketing team to deliver the best customer experience.

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