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The 8 Podcasts Product Managers Need to Hear

Ellen Merryweather

Ellen Merryweather

January 09, 2023 - 4 min read

Updated: April 25, 2024 - 4 min read

Podcasts are a perfect way to easily learn new information about tech, business, and the Product world. You can listen to them during your commute when the train is too packed to even hold a book or newspaper. You can even listen to them in the middle of the day (people will see your headphones and assume you want to be left alone, it’s a win-win).

With that in mind, we’d like to recommend the Top 10 podcasts that are useful and insightful for the Product Management community.

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1. The Product Podcast

the product podcast

The Product Podcast kicks off a new season of interviews with top Product minds, from the Senior PM at Twitch to the VP of Product at Boxed.

Start with episode 1, ‘Unraveling the Psychological Side of Product.’


2. How I Built This with Guy Raz

How I built this podcast

This one has more of a narrative style than an interview format. Guy Raz, who has been called ‘one of the most popular podcasters in history’ by The New York Times, tells us about how companies came to be. He describes How I Built This as ‘a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists – and the movements they built.’


3. Lenny's Podcast

Lenny's podcast

Popular Product personality Lenny Rachitsky started with a newsletter but has since branched to audio content. And we've gotta say—he's killing it. Lenny interviews professional working across Product and asks hard-hitting, insightful questions. His podcast has nuggets of wisdom and deep dives, too. A can't miss!

Get started with ‘How to achieve hypergrowth in your business and career.


4. This is Product Management

this is product management podcast logo

Produced by DISQO, this podcast features the brightest minds across the numerous disciplines that fuel modern Product teams. It tackles common industry concerns like 'Building meaningful products.'


5. Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman

Masters of scale podcast

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn and investor at Greylock, shows how companies grow from zero to millions. Each episode features a new guest, from to Whitney Wolfe Herd. We particularly like ‘How Pirates Become the Navy‘ with Uber CEO, Dara Khostowshahi, and ‘Embrace the Gatekeepers‘ with 23andMe CEO, Anne Wojcicki. Masters of Scale is also the first American media program to commit to gender balance for guests – which is pretty cool!


6. Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio podcast

Knowing what’s going on in the real world is vital if you’re building digital products. From the minds behind Freakonomics comes their own dedicated podcast. While not specifically restricted to business, this show is great for catching up on a general overview of politics, economics, and business. We particularly like ‘How to Make Meetings Less Terrible.’


7. TED Talks Business

Ted talks business podcast

We all love a good TED Talk! And somehow, they’re even better when they come in the form of a podcast – making it easier to get inspired wherever you are. This podcast focuses on business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Particularly interesting are ‘3 ways to measure your adaptability – and how to improve it‘ with venture investor Natalie Fratto, and ‘How to lead a conversation between people who disagree‘ with reporter Eve Pearlman.


8. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know podcast

Product Managers are worldly people. The more you know, the easier you can solve problems and find answers.

Whether you need to make interesting small talk at your next networking event, or want to learn more about a certain aspect of tech, SYSK has everything! For PMs, we recommend ‘Augmented Reality: Coming Soon?


Headphones graphic

This is by no means a definitive list. Thanks to technology and the swathes of people willing to share their experiences and knowledge with us for free, there are just too many podcasts to choose from.

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Updated: April 25, 2024

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