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A Curated List of Podcasts by Women In Product

Dan Zirkelbach

Author: Dan Zirkelbach

January 9, 2023 - 2 min read

Updated: January 24, 2024 - 2 min read

We’ve curated a list of the top 5 podcasts by Women in Product. Check out this list and share it with your Product peers.

How to Transition From Data to Product by Google Product Manager

In this episode, Yana Yushkina, PM at Google, talks about the concrete steps to transitioning from data analytics to Product Management, how to lean into your particular strengths and filling in the gaps. And finally, touches upon applying data analysis when developing and launching products.

Intro to Product Management by former Percolate Senior PM Podcast

In this episode, Erica (Pierantozzi) Ackermann, fmr Senior PM at Percolate, discusses what it’s like to work in this dynamic role and what it takes to get your foot in the door. You’ll also get the inside scoop on the day-to-day work as a Product Manager, the challenges of the job, and personal insight from Erica’s experience at Percolate Inc.

How to Build User-Focused Products by Oscar Health Dr of Product

In this episode, Neha Kumar, the Director of Product at Oscar Health, will be talking about users! She’ll be sharing with you some different approaches on how to understand them, and how to think about them while building out user-facing applications.

How to Transition Into Product Management by Paypal PM

In this episode, Sunethra Dhileepan, PM at Paypal, talks about transitioning into Product Management, by drawing from her personal experiences talking about when and why she decided to become a PM, the steps she took towards becoming a PM. Finally, Sunethra evaluates what worked for her and what didn’t.

Marketplace Product Management by Wag fmr Product Lead

In this episode, Tal Flanchraych, fmr Product Lead at Wags Labs Inc., talks about the hard lesson she learned about marketplace product management. You can have what looks like a great marketplace, but it’s actually just a great interface. A great marketplace is something that is a lot deeper than digital user experience.

5 Truths in Life and Product Management by Omaze former PM

In this episode, Ariel Butters, Product Manager at Omaze, draws some lessons from years of Product Management experience that are also applicable to all other aspects of life and work. The PM role at startups is different than at large corporations. You are not only a manager, but you are also a mentor, therapist, and judge. The opportunities to learn are manifold.

Updated: January 24, 2024

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