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Hiring A Product Manager: Job Posting Templates

Ellen Merryweather

Ellen Merryweather

January 09, 2023 - 9 min read

Updated: January 24, 2024 - 9 min read

Hiring a new teammate can be stressful, and not having the right job posting can make that ten times worse! With the wrong job description, you’ll be flooded with resumes from candidates you don’t want to hire.

Here we are providing templates for job posting for the following roles:

  • Product Manager

  • Associate Product Manager

  • Senior Product Manager

  • Technical Product Manager

  • Product Marketing Manager

If you’re curious about what these job titles mean, check out our guide on Decoding Job Titles: The Different Types of Product Manager.

Overwhelmed product manager

How to Use These Templates

These templates have been created to provide you with a base for your own job posting. To attract the right candidates, be sure to personalize them and tailor them to your company.

Are you a fun, young, fast-moving startup looking for someone who will fit in your sociable company culture? Or are you a larger corporation working within a heavily-regulated vertical that requires more professionalism? Make it obvious by starting your job posting with a ‘Who we are‘ section. Don’t just give them the facts which they could find on the internet. Really communicate who you are, your mission, and what it’s like to be one of you.

To suit all needs, we’ve gone for a more formal tone in these templates, so be sure to bring in your company’s personality. If you want a team member who’s going to be excited about the Margarita Fridays you do or who will be eager to join your company basketball team, make sure the job posting tells them about it!

We scoured job postings from numerous big-name companies to come up with these templates, to make them as ‘industry standard’ as possible. But not all companies are looking for the same thing! Make sure to make the appropriate additions and remove what isn’t relevant to you, so that you get the best possible applicants.

Template 1: Product Manager


Who we are:

[Personalize this section with your company details]

What we’re looking for:

We are looking for a Product Manager to work cross-functionally with our teams and help us in our mission to [insert company mission here]. If you’re a capable Product Manager who’s full of team spirit and looking for a new challenge, we want to hear from you!

Your responsibilities:

  • Lead the end-to-end success of projects from discovery to launch

  • Own the product vision and work with our data scientists to create meaningful problem statements.

  • Maintain and manage the product roadmap.

  • Collaborate with engineering, design, marketing and data teams.

  • Identify new areas for growth through quantitative search and UX studies.

  • Analyze market trends and maintain an awareness of competitor activity.

  • Provide support to the sales and marketing teams by communicating product features and functionality.

  • Serve as the face of the product within the company, and act as the point person to leadership.

  • Determine your teams’ metrics for success.

  • Influence key stakeholders across our organization to align intent and prioritization.


  • At least X years experience as a Product Manager / At least X years experience working with digital products.

  • A Bachelor’s degree in X / Master's degree / or relevant certification

  • Experience with or demonstrable knowledge of agile product management.

  • Fast learning with natural curiosity and a hunger for learning more.

  • A team player who is great at building professional working relationships.

  • A creative problem solver who loves to think outside of the box.

  • A self-starter who works well both collaboratively and as an individual contributor.

  • Empathy, and a genuine desire to solve our customer’s problems.

Template 2: Associate Product Manager


Who we are:

[Personalize this section with your company details]

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for a new addition to our product management team. Someone to work in a supportive role to the teams, take ownership of the features they build, and to help fun cross-functional communication. If you’re a self-starter who’s eager to learn and develop a career in product, we want to hear from you!

Your responsibilities:

  • Own products and drive feature development.

  • Deliver clear and concise briefs.

  • Collaborate on the creation of product strategy.

  • Pull and analyze data.

  • Develop OKRs, determine the metrics for success, and keep track of your team’s progress.

  • Work closely with the product management team to manage the product roadmap, taking input from stakeholders and users.

  • Assist in conducting user research.


  • A bachelor's degree or relevant certification

  • Previous experience in product management is a bonus, but not a necessity.

  • An eagerness to learn, and someone who isn’t afraid of asking questions.

  • Proven success communicating cross-functionally.

  • Someone who thrives on new challenges, and is a strong individual contributor.

  • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Template 3: Senior Product Manager


Who we are:

[Personalize this section with your company details]

What we’re looking for:

Our next Senior Product Manager is someone who doesn’t let anything fall through the cracks. Someone who will be responsible for the entire lifecycle of the product, and run interference between the development teams, and leadership teams. You will own the product from inception to launch, and ensure its success by working cross-functionally across the organization.


  • Manage a cross-functional team from the conception of the project to launch.

  • Be the end-to-end owner of the product; define the customer experience, manage the business case, identify value propositions, and build out the product requirements.

  • Turn high-level project objectives into a comprehensive set of technical requirements.

  • Develop & document requirements, specifications and use cases for new product features.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, both locally and internationally, to align business strategy and support growth.

  • Successfully manage stakeholder feedback and expectations.

  • Draft strategy and development updates for leadership teams.

  • Own the customer knowledge and communicate it with development teams.

  • Be the advocate for the product within the organization.


  • A Bachelor’s degree/Master/ or relevant certification.

  • X years in product management, or in a leadership position within the tech industry.

  • A passion for resourceful and creative problem-solving.

  • Great people skills, and a proven track record of building relationships and influencing without authority at all levels of the organization.

  • The ability to work under pressure.

Template 4: Technical Product Manager

Tech PM

Who we are:

[Personalize this section with your company details]

What we’re looking for: A data-driven, capable team leader, who can translate their incredible tech knowledge and make it accessible for the entire development team.


  • Working closely with Data Science and Engineering teams to prioritize product features.

  • Working with commercial and technical teams to gather insights from technical and non-technical product users.

  • Own the up and down responsibility for the delivery of the product.

  • Translate product roadmaps and feature requests.

  • Creating specifications.


  • Familiarity/experience with [X technology/industry].

  • A degree in a related STEM field.

  • The ability to work with both technical and non-technical teams, and the ability to translate between the two.

  • Experience with data-driven decision making, and a highly analytical approach to prioritization.

  • Deep technical knowledge and a complete understanding of [X technology].

Template 5: Product Marketing Manager

PMM graphic

Who we are:

[Personalize this section with your company details]

What we’re looking for:

We need someone to be the voice of our customers when prioritizing products and championing their cause. We’re looking for a strategic thinker and storyteller who can take our product vision and well-defined go-to-market strategies. You’ll work closely and collaboratively with both the Head of Marketing and the Head of Product, and should feel comfortable with your work spanning both of these worlds.

Your responsibilities:

  • Lead segmentation, positioning, messaging, and adoption tactics for new and existing products.

  • Work closely with the product management team to run experiments and shape feature development based on market needs.

  • Work with user-facing teams such as sales and marketing to keep messaging on-brand and accurate.

  • Be informed of our competitive landscape, running analysis and identifying gaps in the market.

  • Define metrics for product marketing success.


  • X years of experience in relevant fields (marketing, Product Management, product marketing, or operational roles).

  • A bachelor's degree in X / Master / or relevant certification.

  • A creative mind and a passion for storytelling.

  • Demonstrable experience working on go-to-market strategies.

  • Evidence of running/collaborating on successful marketing campaigns.

Recipe for The Perfect Job Posting

  • Clear and reasonable job requirements.

  • A clear call to action.

  • Ask for input from the team members who will work with the prospective candidate.

  • Work with human resources to ensure your posting is aligned with company guidelines.

  • Personalize the post to reflect your company/team culture.

Tips on Hiring a Product Manager

Companies that have built the world’s most successful products did so, in part, by first building the world’s best product teams. How do they do that? By making sure that they are clear and concise on their mission, to make sure that employees’ goals align with theirs.

There are a few others things that product professionals look for when hiring new colleagues. Deotima Mukherjee, a Senior Product Manager at Instagram, says that Facebook looks for 3 main things.

  1. The ability to think about measurement and metrics, 

  2. The ability to think creatively and use logical frameworks to talk about your product ideas,

  3. Empathy and resilience.

Personality also matters. Yariv Adan, a Product Lead at Google has a strong ‘no jerks’ policy. This is someone you may have to spend 5 days a week with, and that’s not going to be a pleasant experience for either party if you can’t be fairly amicable with each other!

That being said, you don’t have to copy everything that bigger tech companies do. For example, Jocelyn Miller tells us that at Google “there is definitely a tendency to favor people coming from top schools or top brands — that can be from big companies or smaller companies that have been really successful.”

If you’re a smaller startup that’s fresh on the scene, and you only choose candidates who have worked at big name brands, you’re going to have a bad time. While it can be handy to have someone who has worked on a renowned product, they may be used to having more resources available than you’re able to offer them.

More than that, you should be focusing on a candidate’s potential and personality, not their past. The job market is a tough place, and many do not yet have the experience that is truly reflective of their capabilities.

When it comes to hiring, start with the right job posting and trust your gut.

Updated: January 24, 2024

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