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Demand For Product Marketers Exceeds Supply By 2:1! Enter The Product Marketing Manager Certification (PMMC)™

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October 16, 2023 - 5 min read

Updated: January 24, 2024 - 5 min read

Demand For Product Marketers Exceeds Supply By 2:1! Enter The Product Marketing Manager Certification (PMMC)™

The data speaks for itself. Demand for Product Marketing talent exceeds supply by 2X*. This insight couldn’t have come at a better time — as Product School is ready to unveil our all-new certification: The Product Marketing Manager Certification (PMMC).

With the PMMC, our vision is clear – to enable professionals to land their very first Product Marketing job and flourish in it. Created with decades worth of insights from successful Product Marketing Leaders, this course isn’t just about the theory; it’s about instilling the mindset of a seasoned Product Marketer.

In the same way that Product School revolutionized the world of Product Management training and education, first with the Product Management Certification, then the Product Leader Certification, we’re now doing the same with the world of Product Marketing.

Get ready for hands-on lessons taught by the industry’s top experts, with cutting edge insights designed to help you get hired and make an impact from day #1.

Our journey with the PMMC is about to take off, and for our inaugural cohort starting October 23-27, we’re thrilled to announce that our mentors will be none other than Jacob Schulman, former Product Marketing Leader at Spotify, and Jason Gatoff, VP of Product Marketing at Pendo. 

Embarking on the PMMC Journey

The role of a Product Marketing Manager is multifaceted. From crafting compelling product positions and messages to orchestrating exceptional go-to-market plans and choosing the right metrics to showcase impact, the responsibilities are immense and exciting.

The PMMC is not just another program; it's a mission – to arm budding Product Marketing Managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to excel. It’s our latest testament to our commitment to providing top-tier education in the product space.

Dive Deep with the PMMC

Designed with an ideal blend of strategic understanding and practical execution, the PMMC is comprehensive, to say the least: Across 12 meticulously crafted live modules, you’ll get access to:

  • Expert-Led Sessions: Learn the intricacies of Product Marketing from industry maestros like Jacob Schulman and Jason Gatoff.

  • Real-World Application: Demonstrate your learnings with a substantial project, showcasing your newly acquired skills.

  • Lifetime Access: Dive back into the materials anytime, ensuring that you're always at the top of your game.

  • A Thriving Community: Immerse yourself in a network of successful alumni, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Here’s What’s Inside Each Module in the Product Marketing Manager Certification:

Module 1: How World-Class Marketing Teams Work

Step into the dynamic realm of Product Marketing, as we unravel the subtleties that set it apart from Product Management. Embrace the “Discover” framework to unearth potential Product Marketing initiatives in real-world settings and your own company.

Module 2: Using Research to Inform Strategy

Fuel your marketing strategies with potent data and research, mastering methodologies to refine every stage of your product lifecycle. Let's transform you into a decision-making maestro!

Module 3: Mastering Product Positioning

Immerse yourself in the art and science of product positioning. Learn to pinpoint target demographics, decipher user needs, and architect powerful positioning narratives.

Module 4: Delivering Messaging that Captivates Customers

Conjure messages that echo across diverse channels. Seamlessly weave positioning insights into compelling messaging designs tailored for any medium.

Module 5: Choosing Metrics to Demonstrate Impact

Step into the quantitative world of metrics. From revenue benchmarks to brand evaluations, cultivate dashboards that vividly showcase your value.

Module 6: Experimenting to Increase Conversion

Play a decisive role in product validation. Navigate MVPs, master Beta programs, and structure A/B tests, setting the stage for stellar launches.

Module 7: Orchestrating Exceptional Product Launches

Craft and deploy launches that shatter expectations. Lean on the PAVE framework, ensuring your launches are perfectly positioned and audience-ready.

Module 8: Driving Growth through Product Adoption

See beyond the launch. Dive into the Marketing Funnel, comprehend customer arcs, and orchestrate campaigns laser-focused on acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Module 9: Enabling Sales, Competitive Intelligence & Product-Led Growth

Elevate your symbiotic relationship with sales, harnessing competitive intel and refining messaging. Understand key collaborations vital to maximizing revenue.

Module 10: Pricing & Packaging your Product

Rise as a PMM with expertise in B2B-specific domains. Delve into pricing models and discern smart bundling strategies.

Module 11: Get Your First Product Marketing Job

Navigate the PMM career trajectory with finesse. Revamp your CV, craft engaging cold emails, and captivate potential employers.

Mobile 12: Impress Hiring Managers with your PMM Portfolio

Reflect on your transformative journey, presenting projects and absorbing feedback. Pinpoint your niche in the Product Marketing cosmos, ready to leave an indelible imprint.

Plus, you’ll Get Access to 6 Hours of On-Demand Content to Keep For Life!

Dive deeper into Product Launches, Product Discovery, creating insights briefs and more. Sharpen your skills. Refresh the essentials. Get ready to stand out and make an impact from the moment you begin.

Product School played a pivotal role in my successful transition into Product Marketing. I learned new skills, was able to better package my existing experience, and made invaluable connections.

– Julia Szatar, Head of Product Marketing at Loom

The PMMC Doesn’t Just Teach You How to Be a Product Marketer — It Helps You get a Product Marketing Job

Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to apply the powerful marketing, positioning, research, and communication strategies not only to products and companies, but also to yourself!

With access to templates and examples, you’ll learn how to revamp your resumé, craft compelling emails to recruiters and top PMMS, and get your foot in the door to land your dream job.

Are you ready to become a top Product Marketer? Secure your place in our upcoming cohort and save 40% by registering today: Product Marketing Manager Certification (PMMC)

* Source: Gartner

Updated: January 24, 2024

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