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The Ultimate Guide to AI Resources for Product Managers

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January 04, 2024 - 5 min read

Updated: May 6, 2024 - 5 min read

Are you ready to harness the power of AI to create innovative and impactful products? The world of Product is evolving rapidly, and AI is at the forefront of this transformation. Whether you're a seasoned Product Manager or an aspiring one, you need to equip yourself with the latest knowledge and best practices in AI-powered Product Management. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore a curated list of AI resources tailored to your needs, with a focus on real-world examples and practical guidance.

Learning the Fundamentals of AI Product Management:

Becoming proficient in AI Product Management starts with understanding the fundamentals. Here, we've gathered resources that offer valuable insights into the core concepts and strategies of AI in the product development landscape. Learn from industry leaders, explore innovation in AI, and discover what it means to be an AI Product Manager.

  1. Webinar: What Does It Mean to Be an AI/ML PM by Microsoft Sr PM, Sai Pradeep Bandaru

  2. Fireside Chat: AI-Empowered Work with Lane Shackleton, Coda’s CPO

  3. Webinar: AI as a Shared Service by Salesforce Senior Director of Product, Gary Brandeleer

  4. The Ultimate Guide to Product Management in AI-powered Organizations

  5. How to Transition into an AI/ML PM

  6. A Guide to Innovation: How to Become an AI Product Manager

  7. Being an AI Product Manager

AI Tools and Resources for Product Management:

To excel in AI Product Management, you need to be familiar with the tools and resources that can supercharge your product development efforts. Explore the top AI tools, understand how AI creates value in financial products, and learn how to leverage AI for design and analytics.

  1. Top 15 AI Tools for Product Managers and Product Teams

  2. How AI and Digital Transformations Create Value in Financial Products

  3. AI-Driven Product Design & Development

  4. How to Leverage AI in Product Analytics: The Ultimate Guide

Get certified as AI product manager

Get Certified as a AI Product Manager

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Building AI-Driven Products:

Building AI-driven products requires a diverse set of practices and strategies. In this section, we've compiled resources that delve into the best practices for AI product development. Learn how to build products efficiently with AI, and discover AI's role in enhancing user experiences.

  1. 7 Best AI Building Practices for Product Teams

  2. Build Killer Products in Less Time with AI Product Design

Career Development in AI Product Management:

Developing a successful career in AI Product Management is a journey of continuous learning and growth. Here you’ll find curated resources that focus on career development in the AI domain. From gaining expertise to transitioning into AI/ML Product Management, these resources will help you navigate your career path.

  1. Navigating a Successful Career in Product Management with AI: A New Frontier

  2. Become an Expert in AI-Driven Product Management: Best Practices Guide for Product Managers

  3. How to Become a Product Manager for AI/ML Products

AI Skills and Competencies:

To excel in AI Product Management, you need a unique set of skills and competencies. This section focuses on the essential skills that differentiate successful AI Product Managers from the rest. Explore the skills that AI will never automate and enhance your expertise in these areas.

  1. 5 Essential Skills for AI Product Managers

  2. 10 Product Management Skills That AI Will Never Automate

Preparing for AI Integration:

Before integrating AI features into your products, you need to understand the fundamentals. This resource provides essential knowledge on what every Product Manager must know before integrating AI into their product. Avoid common pitfalls and ensure the success of your AI initiatives

  1. Before Adding AI Features: What Every Product Manager Must Know

The future of AI is continually evolving, and Product Managers need to stay ahead of the curve. In this section, we'll explore the potential applications and trends in AI that will shape the products of tomorrow. 

  1. The Future of AI in Product

  2. Winning at AI for Product Managers

Additional Resources:

  • ProductCon – The largest online Product Management conference in the world!

  • The Product Podcast – Listen to our latest episodes where we interview the best minds in Product from companies like Twitch and Google.

  • Books – Whether you want to browse a copy of our MVP The Product Book or our latest guide to The Product Mindset, we’ve got you covered.

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Updated: May 6, 2024

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